Monday, March 28, 2011


SWEET CHEEKS! It's been too long, but what a month it's been. Just when I thought everyone was healthy...NOPE! Lets do it again for the love of the game! So can you believe one had croup...then another bronchitis...and then back to the croup with the other...AND THEN I GOT THE FLU~! OY, come on! Does it sound like I'm complaining? OH SORRy...I'm so blessed, LOL!!! We made it and I'm so thankful for that. I honestly thought we'd just keep going round and round and my husband escaped it all! WOW. Thank GOD he found a job, so he's back at work and out of the house=0) LOL!

So, I have a lot to show you. I've still been busy creating all sorts of things and working with my 55 little 1st graders. Hope you enjoy the photos I've been saving up=0)

First up....MARLEY. This is my girlfriends dog. He's SO SUPER CUTE and I just had to paint a watercolor of him for J's room. She LOVES animals and loved a photo she saw of him.

Next up is a crochet project. I usually have J model, but she won't do it Luckily, her teddy bear doesn't fight with me.

The fingerless gloves. It's still chilly out there and I'm in California! I'm not complaining...just letting you know=0) These are a lace pattern that shifts to the left. I really like these. I originally made a pair for myself, but I ended up giving them to my mama. She has arthritis really badly and her hands have really...changed. She can't wear gloves...they WILL NOT fit her. So she uses these all the time and even gardens with them. I'm so happy they have helped her and she can garden even when it's chilly in the morning.
100% acrylic.
Machine wash and dry.

Spring lace scarfs.

I love this little crochet apple cozy. Just perfect for THE APPLE OF YOUR EYE;o)

We finally ALL left the house together for the first time this month!
My little X flying a kite. He's wearing my hat...well it was mine for 2.5 seconds, lol.

Here is J flying a kite for the first time! This is just before she let go and guess who almost broke their leg stopping it and then climbing up a hill to get it out of a tree?! OY, we left after that. They were not our kites!!!!! There were these other kids that were sweet enough to share, but just about burst out screaming while I was running up hill with my bag and the kids lunch box. MARCH MADNESS, LOL!

My little artists have been working is the mixed media project.
Pastel oil on black paper.

My little J is growing(sniff..sniff..sniff). New sandals STAT! She insisted on playing outside with these=0)

Now for the baby blankets for Luke and Princess Leah(YES TWINS!).
My sister in law and we really don't know the sex of the sweet rolls. My little X has named them that=0)
SUPER comfy circular baby blankets. These are ridiculously puffy and comfy...really. I want to make myself some p.j.s like this. I don't know if I'll ever wake up, lol.

So, that's it sweet cheeks. I'm thrilled everyone is healthy *fingers crossed* that we are done for now. Looks like everyone has been busy..busy...busy.

Wishing you a happy week and kiss your peeps,

My other job......
X-I REALLY want to get a video game machine for the t.v.
Me-Well, they cost a lot of money and you have to pay more money for each game that you buy.
X-How much money?
Me-I think they are about $300.00
Me-Yes, that seems kinda crazy town to me.
X-........................(very sweet voice)Do you have $300.00?
Me-I do, but I need it for food and gas and to pay the house.
X-I think you need to sell MORE of the things you make. Do you think that is possible.
Me-I'll try my best.