Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring POP

Happy Friday.
Where did the week go?
I've been working on jewelry this week, but I did get a chance to work on this watercolor. I wish I could wear this dress on Sunday. I saw it in MORE magazine. It was love at first sight. I think the plum Manolo Blahnik shoes hypnotized me too=0) 
This watercolor is still in the works, but I'm liking how it's looking so far.

I've been on a little bit of Spring break this week. We have been riding around on our scooters this Spring break. Yes, me too. Hopefully, I'll still have all my teeth by the end of next week=0P


My other job...
X-What are we gonna do today?
Me-Lets go downtown.
Me-Friends house?
X-Can you call somebody that has a Wii?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Magical garden

I'm hoping you had a nice weekend.
 It was so beautiful here and it was REALLY time to clean up the garden. It always amazes me how quickly weeds can take over. Our little gnome was in desperate need of a bubble bath=0)
After spending so much time outside I was inspired. 
I would love a magical garden that was always filled with blooms.
A quick getaway for a cup of tea and a scone. Mmmmmmmm.

(Valentino dress)

What will you plant this year? I think I'm going to add some more hydrangeas. The 10th time is a charm...right?!

My other job....
X-Who wants to play handball? Who wants to play handball? Who wants to play handball? Mom?
Me-Ughhhhh. I just ate lunch. Gimme five minutes to let it settle.
X-Come on Mom.
Me-In five minutes sweetie.
X-OH my gosh...I'M SO LONELY.
Me-I'm still standing right here.
X-Oh...Are you ready to play now?!!!!
Me-It's only been like 20 seconds.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Glitter in the air

It's Friday. You know what that MEANS...GLITTER.
I also made a  VINE  to capture the nail biting action;oP

I thought I'd try some lettering today. I started the background wet and dropped in the color. It's so fun to watch it mix in with the other colors. After that, I let it completely dry before doing the lettering and stars. I only used ink to sign my name, so it REALLY took a lot of patience=0)
You can see the process on vine.


My other job....
X-I think I'm going to throw up!!!
Me-Go to the bathroom and I'll get a towel....................
(He's laying down in his room)
Me-Are you okay? How do you feel. You don't feel hot. I brought you a trash can. Here's some water too.
X-I just have a bad case of the hiccups.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


We have a serious situation this Spring.
Everywhere I look...SO MUCH CUTE STUFF.
Every commercial...every magazine...OH MY.
What will you be wearing?

Hope you have a colorful day.
Happy Spring! Enjoy 20% off my shop. SPRING20   Minimum purchase is $10.00.

My other job...
Me-OH wow.
X-What is it?
Me-Look at this dress.
X-Uhhh. What about it.
Me-So colorful and I think I really want to get it. Hmmm, look at these pants. AND that shirt.
X-I don't get it. It looks like wallpaper.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I started a lettering class.
        Lettering is done by's not a font. Who would of known that? Not me. Anyways....
Our first assignment was to pick something special to write.
So, I decided I'd start with something short and sweet.
One day I was struggling to quickly get on a Disney bus with a stroller, a baby, a cooler full of drinks and snacks, plus four sweaters. Lets just say I was...a little frazzled. As I was about to get on I made eye contact with an older gentleman. We smiled at each other and he quietly said...enjoy it. He made me feel like he knew my struggle. Like he had been in that exact situation. He was kind enough to get my attention quietly and to remind me to roll with the punches. Message was received and I ended up enjoying that magical Disney day.

Enjoy your matter what=0)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Floating around

Last night I started thinking about Spring break. I was inspired to start a new watercolor. Just floating around...not wearing a watch. She does seem extra relaxed...right? 

Hope you have a great day=0)

My other job....
Me-I'm just going to trim your hair.
X-No way. I never want to cut it again!
Me-It's just too long in the front and you keep chewing on it. That can't be good.
X-I don't care.
Me-It also keeps getting tangled in the back.
X-I don't care.
Me-I can't even see your handsome face.
X-I don't care.
Me-You can't play First in Math until AFTER your hair cut.
X-Can you cut it right now?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dreaming on water finished

Hope you all had a fun weekend.
We were up in Pasadena visiting family over the St. Patrick's Day celebration. We had a super fun time, but I'm back and super excited about class this evening. Here is my girl all glittered up!
Hope you like her. I'm really enjoying looking at her skirt.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Dreaming on water

I just started my new watercolor that I'm going to submit as my final fashion illustration. All week I've been working on relaxing my pencil control. THAT IS SO HARD. I need my teacher to MIYAGI me.
I think I've sketched this picture about ten times.  Every stroke I rotate my wrist like a gymnast...I don't even know if that works. LOL...LOL...LOL...
So here is my girl dreaming on water. I'm still working on it, but I didn't want to work the skirt too much. I need to slowly walk by it several times and think about what my next move should be. You would think I was on American Watercolor Idol. LOL. It's really just a class...seriously. 
Have a fantastic weekend.


My other job.....
J-Mama, can you give me like a kajillion kisses?
Me-I have a scratchy throat sweetie.
J-Oh...and you don't want me to get sick?
J-We won't be able to go to Nana & Pop pop's house?
Me-I'm going to take an extra vitamin today and eat a lot of vegetables. Plus, drink a lot of water.
J-Oh...okay. Just give me a kajillion kisses on my hand. I'll wash it with magic soap after.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Work it

Yesterday I had a lot of fun taking a fashion illustration class.
Most of my drawings are usually very controlled and sometimes I want to break free from that=0)
Kinda like I had a glass of wine, but didn't actually drink and draw.
So, yesterday I was sketching...sketching...sketching.
Sometimes I was happy with the result and sometimes I wanted to throw my paper out the window. 
It has taken me a LONG time to understand that you have to have a solid sketch. Paint won't fix it. I finally got it when I read an illustration book that told me that.
The book said to draw EVERYTHING. So, I try to and I feel that it has helped. I really love learning tips from artists. Some will give them and others won't. So, I really use my q-tips when I know I will be around one=0)
So here are a few sketches....the ones that didn't end up down my hill.

Last night I was ready to put it on watercolor paper. 

There she goes down the cat walk. I think it turned out looking fun.


My other job...
X-Can you help me draw this girl for my comic book.
X-The face looks wrong.
Me-I'll try it again.
X-Can you make it facing the other way?
X-I guess it's ok. You should work on faces more.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Don't talk to strangers

This weekend we watched The Lion Witch In The Wardrobe with my son. He LOVES the books and so it was time to watch. He was really interested in that ice witch. How she would just make anything appear. THOSE TURKISH DELIGHTS AND HOT CHOCOLATE.
Those promises to rule Narnia.... know what happens next=0/
 It was a fun and magical movie to watch. He really enjoyed it and staying up late made it even more exciting.

My other job....
Me-See...she lies. Some strangers are nice and some trick you.
X-What are Turkish delights?
Me-Like a jello treat with sweet powder on top.
X-Are they good?
Me-A stranger may offer you any type of sweet candy. 
X-I get that part already. I'm just really interested in trying those Turkish delights.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dashing off

Who's dashing off to see Oz this weekend?

Have a great weekend.

Ladybug heaven

My new Spring jewelry is starting to trickle into my shop
I just finished one of my new lockets.
It's on a antique copper chain and the chain has semi-precious purple jade.
This little work of art is hand painted and it's a multi colored rose. There are a couple of little ladybugs just wandering around. Ladybug heaven...right=0)
It comes tucked in a cute little box.
Spring is suppose to come very soon, so get ready for all those tea parties in the garden.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Today I had a   R E A L L Y  good laugh. It was almost painful, BUT then I felt awesome. I've always known the LOL does a body good, but we aren't always guaranteed to have one every day.
If you up an old friend. They getcha every time. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm in love

Happy Monday=0)
I started working on some new paintings for Spring lockets. I'm SO in love with this one. will I let it go? OH accountant will remind me ;oP


My other job....
X-Lets make another video.
Me-What about?
X-Me eating a quadruple decker of pancakes.
Me-Are you that hungry? We don't want to waste food.
X-I'm as hungry as the average teenager.
Me-Ummmm...your eight.
X-BUT I'm as bright as a teenager.
Me-Oh boy....

Friday, March 1, 2013

Viernes Vine

Thought I'd give you a peek of all the shenanigans going on in my studio this morning.
Working on the finishing touches of Cinque Terre.
Sometimes those last details are the hardest. I find that taking my time and knowing when to walk away for a chocolate croissant break is key.
If you want to see all the nail biting action...check me out on VINE.

Have a great weekend=0)