Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sweets with your sweets

I hope that you are all having a great day.
It's April fools day, but I have no tricks up my sleeve today...darn.
Instead...I have a new watercolor that I've been working on. I was on Pinterest and I saw the cutest little bakery cart/car. I knew that I had to paint it. I mean...who doesn't like baked goods? I used Canson paper and Sennelier paints. The paper is cold pressed, so you can see it has a bumpy texture to it. I love this look, but some people do not. You can always pick something hot pressed, so it's smooth. I like to use all types, but it can make things challenging to control. Experiment=have fun with it. This watercolor took me a few days. I like to take breaks away from what ever I'm working on, so I can see it differently every time. Sometimes when you stare at it too long you miss the details. 
It also gives you time to have a lot of fun in your sketch book. I love to go back and forth. You can imagine how many flowers and butterflies are in my sketch book=0)

I hope you go enjoy a croissant outside today.
They are ZERO calories today.


My other job....
Me-It's Spring break. What do you want to do today?
X-Uhhhh....something fun. VIDEO GAMES.
Me- O  U  T  S  I  D  E
X-Don't make me go to Balboa Park again...PLEASE.
Me-Hahahaha...wanna just get in the car and see what we bump into?
X-That is just WAY too dangerous.

Friday, February 21, 2014

A little twinkle...

I have a little story to tell. It has a lot of things that girls like. Sparkle...accessories/jewelry...
and a butterfly=0) About twenty years ago I was walking around Nordstrom. I couldn't afford anything too fancy, but I loved just looking around. I worked in the mall, so it was super fun to listen to the piano player during my lunch hour. Yes...they had a piano player=0)
So one day I was looking around and a sparkle caught my eye. There were TONS of gorgeous butterfly hair clips/bobby pins on display. I thought I was going to die. The colors were just SOOO
beautiful and I had to have one. I wanted them all, but I could barely afford one. I ended up picking a gorgeous red butterfly clip by Tarina Tarantino and boy did I wear that hair clip. Even after all these years it still looks beautiful and I love to attach it to sweaters and sometimes in my hair. SO, the other day my daughter was looking at it and asking me where I got it and could she have it. I'm not so sure she wouldn't lose it in 2.5 seconds =0/ So, I thought I could just paint one for her room. And she seems to be happy with being able to look at it all the time. A little twinkle goes a long way around my house=0)

Have a great day,

My other job...
J-Ohhhhh....mama this is so pretty.
Me-Yes, it's beautiful.
J-Can I wear it in my hair?
Me-Not yet honey. Maybe when you are older. I don't think I'd be able to find another one.
Me-One day I promise to give it to you, so don't worry. How about I paint one for your room?
J-OH...oh...that's a good idea. 
J-Please do it right now. Can I watch?
Me-I have too much stuff to do right now, but I'll start soon.
J-awwwww. Don't forget mama. Don't paint other fashion stuff. Do mine first.
Me-I will honey.
J-PINKY PROMISE....please.

Friday, February 14, 2014


"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better...~Dr. Seuss

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Love is in the air.
I have been getting all my goodies in delivery position. All the glitter heart stickers have been added to large bars of chocolate=0)
I love the flowers everywhere and the excuse to give everyone chocolate LOVE and you won't get the..."I can't".
OHHHH.... we can and we will this 14th.
Use up ALL those hearts. Throw them in the air...whatever=0P


My other job....
Me-I've got a lot of stuff planned for Valentine's Day.
X-Ummm....what day is that on exactly.
Me-The 14th is on a Friday.
X-That's pizza night.
Me-Pizza is cancelled. How about something like....KING crab legs, red potatoes AND chocolate fondue.
X-I guess that will be okay.

Friday, January 31, 2014


Happy Friday=0)
Friends are a big part of my universe...if you haven't noticed. LOL.
You know all those inside jokes and just giving each other THE LOOK.
This week I was in bed and I woke up about four in the morning.
Anyways, this crazy memory popped into my head.
I burst out laughing!
My husband asked me if I was ok. LOL. I told him the crazy memory of one of my great friends that tickled a co-worker. Let me rewind a little. It was halloween and we were dressed up as hula girls. Our co-worker couldn't even look at us. He was not use to seeing girls with coconuts on. LOL.
SO....the funny part is that my friend tickled his sides and BOTH his knee caps crashed into the counter he was writing at. OMG...we all died laughing. He had to run outside because he couldn't control the laughter. So, that's what made me burst out laughing in the middle of the night. So crazy!
I then just started thinking about how many funny things we do at weddings...parties....etc.
This watercolor reminds me of all the crazy. LOL.
You can relate...right?

Have a great weekend,

My other job...
X-I don't feel so good.
Me-Oh no...you feel really hot. Lets go home and straight to bed.
X-This means I can't play minecraft today.
Me-Just relax in the car and we will see how you feel after you sleep a little.
Me-What? No...you're just sick.
Me-Okay...please just relax and lets not talk on the way home. Please don't think you are going to die. You just feel really yucky and your fever is really high.
X-This means J is going to get all your kisses today...WaaaaHHHHHH.
Me-I'll give you double as soon as you are better. Now p l e a s e  just relax quietly.
X-PLEASE just take me straight to the EMERGENCY ROOM.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Chill OUT

I'm hoping you had a great week. 
I just finished a new watercolor. I started doing yoga a few months ago... and you know what?
I feel as cool as a cucumber now=0)
Sometimes stress can get the best of us. YEP...me too!
Yoga has   r  e  a  l  l  y  helped me feel calmer.
I don't know what it is about it, but I know it just works.
So...if you haven't tried it before...GET ON THE BUS.
I promise you will smile a lot more=0)


My other job....
Me-Would you please go to bed already.
X-This is the only time I have to read.
Me-Come on...you were reading a lot after school.
X-Other stuff.
Me-I'll take that flash light...thank you.
X-I spent $20.00 on a book that my own mama won't let me read.
Me-Pick a better time. Your body needs to rest now.
X-UGH. TWENTY whole dollars.
Me-Tomorrow you can read to me 30 minutes before bed time.
X-I am such a problem solver.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ice cream break...HAPPY

I got inspired...again=0)
Music does this to me. I hear something and then quickly need to paint it on paper. 
The song Happy by Pharrell made me think about a special moment with one of my greatest friends.
We went to NYC and decided to stop for an ice cream break.
We were so happy. It was just the two of us...being silly.
We need to do that again=0)

Hope this makes you wanna call up one of your friends.
SO good for the soul.

Have a great weekend,

My other job...
Me-You are off for FOUR days...YES.
X-What are we gonna do?
Me-I have no idea.

Friday, January 10, 2014

What's cook IN'

Happy New YEAR.
It's 2014...HOLY MOLY. How did we get here? LOL.
I'm wishing you all much LOVE and good health this year. I'm just barely recovering from all the holiday festivities and cooking...cooking...cooking. Usually I have two little helpers BUT, THEY'RE ON TO ME. Nobody wants to stick around for that long. HAhahahaa.
We were all so into FROZEN this year. The soundtrack is SO GOOD. Olaf the snowman stole my heart. The movie is SO wonderful.
Disney really did an excellent job and I can not wait until it comes out in dvd. We have already gone FOUR TIMES. There goes my Louis Vuitton wish jar. HA and WAHhhhhh.
I was inspired by all the singing and cooking in the kitchen.

Have a great day,

My other job....
X-Mama are you teaching art class tomorrow?
X-You sound just like Olaf.
X-What are we going to work on in class?
Me-It's a surprise.
X-Lets do faces.
Me-Ohhhh....well...that will probably happen towards the end of the year.
Me-It's more advanced and I need to get some of the kids more comfortable. Or at least not be as nervous to try it.
X-Like who?
Me-That's my personal private business=0)
X-I'm your assistant, so you can tell me AND I don't go around telling peoples personal private business.
Me-I appreciate that, but I'm going to keep it to myself. Now lets sing In summer by OLAF.
X-Jazz hands too.