Monday, April 29, 2013


It's Monday...already.
Remember the last time you started something new. 
The excitement...sweat...maybe even a couple of tears?
That is every day life for a little one. Yet, we expect them to just JUMP IN. Don't be nervous, shy, or even scared.
 I think my tiny ballerina is excited, but still a little shy about her first class. 
I had a lot of fun painting this watercolor. Mostly the skirt part=0)

It's Monday. Maybe you will be inspired to be a beginner at something today.


My other job....
J-I wanna go home.
Me-We can leave as soon as your class is over.
J-I don't like swimming. And I'm feeling a little bit shy.
Me-You still need to learn how to swim and look how great you are doing. You are okay. 
J-I don't want to swim without my goggles. I don't like it.
Me-He's just trying to show you what it's like. In case you fall into water on accident. He's preparing you know what it's like.
J-(crying...crying...crying)Okay, how many more minutes? 
Me-About 15 minutes.
J-Then I'm never coming back.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

One day they will fit.

I've been working on a little ballerina.
She has one big wish...that those toe shoes will fit=0)
She looks a little disappointed, but she will be alright. LOL.
Do you have a little ballerina in your life that keeps asking you WHEN she will get her toe shoes?
I do and she hasn't even taken a ballet class. LOL.

Kiss your peeps.

My other job.....
J-I'm never going to get those ballerina slippers.
Me-You will sweetie. After we are all done with swim class, THEN ballet class.
J-Why? I really want those slippers.
Me-You won't wear toe shoes until you're bigger.
J-What did you say?
Me-You won't wear toe shoes until you're bigger.
J-UGHHHHHHH. Why? Angelina ballerina has them already.
Me-Well, she is a cartoon.
J-It's just not fair. You are so mean. You just don't want me to have them. Right?
Me-That's not true. 
J-Fine, but I'm still going to ballerina college when I'm big. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

SPRING in your step

Feliz Thursday. Who's going out for cocktails tonight? LOL.
Maybe my little lady is on her way to meet up with friends for cocktail hour.
What exciting chit chat will go on tonight? Hopefully, lots of giggles=0)
She is on 6"X9" 140lb Cold Press
If you are interested in purchasing her please contact me.

Kiss your peeps at the pub for me=0)

My other job...
X-Okay, I'm hungry.
Me-You just ate three snacks.
Me-Can you please wait until we get home?
X-I'M ....S T A R V I N G.
X-Mama, did you hear me?
Me-I did and I know that you are not starving. You had lunch an hour ago and three snacks in five minutes.
X-That's impossible. I swear I'm STARVING.....

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hi there.
I've been moving along with my latest watercolor. I'm really liking the umbrella so far. There is always something that my eyes stay on when I paint. This painting reminds me, that I should have a spring in my step. I guess we should all be excited about the things going on in our lives. Even if it doesn't seem so exciting at times. LOL. 
Are you working on something exciting?
I think I may try some new paints soon=0)

This is the song that inspired me to paint this...

Have a SPRING in your step today,

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jumping over puddles.

Good morning.
It has been a very busy week for me, BUT I did get to start a new watercolor.
I'm trying out some new color combinations to see how I like them.
So far I've thrown at least five out the window. It's been a week of experiments and just not worrying about the precious paper. LOL. I'm about half way done with this one, so hopefully it won't end up in the front yard;oP

Hope you all have a very PEACEFUL weekend.
Kiss your peeps,

My other job....
Me-Are you ok?
X-I can't find anymore white paper ANYWHERE.
Me-I thought you were hurt. Please don't shout like that.
Me-Should I call an ambulance?
X-No, but can you PLEASE go to the store NOWWWWW.
Me-No. I will go tomorrow.
X-MAMA, I need to finish my drawings TONIGHT. I want to give G his copy at school tomorrow.
Me-Sorry, it's almost bedtime anyways. I will go tomorrow.
X-You just don't care about my comics. 
Me-I will worries.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A little magic.

Hi there. 
Just wanted to share a fun photo of a little birthday ballerina.
Look at that cute face.
I think she LOVED her birthday watercolor=0)

Hope you have a great day.

To commission a custom illustration contact me at

Monday, April 15, 2013

Strike a pose...

Happy Monday.
Hope you had a fun and warm weekend=0)
I was able to sketch a little over the weekend. We had gone to see a butterfly exhibit(weekend before) and I was thrilled when they take your photo. ALL of us in one picture...COME ON. So exciting and I was trying my best to look natural and not smile too much....or look like a pirate. When we picked up the photo my husband said he wasn't sure if he wanted to get it. I was's got ALL of us in it. We grabbed it and paid WAY too much for everything, but I was pretty jazzed. 
I finally thought I'd LOOK at it and when I saw it...LOL...LOL...LOL...
The kids faces. Bunny ears. Just craziness. Attitude.
At that moment my husband and I looked at each other and said it was worth EVERY penny for that "family photo" that I just HAD to buy.
So last night I did a quick sketch of my little one and of course her brother stuck his fingers in the mix=0) I ended up making a little bookmark. 
Isn't that just too funny? 

Hope you have a silly week.


My other job....
Me-All you have to do is come in the car with me.
X-I don't want to get out.
Me-You don't have to. I'm just picking up avocados and they are on their front porch.
X-I can just wait in the car.
X-I might die without air in the car.
Me-I'm just going to walk up to the door and turn around and come back. I'm not going inside, otherwise you'd HAVE to come with me.
X-UGh...whose house.
Me-The McP's.
X-OMG...I want to get out and see T. Can we make time to just play a little bit and maybe play his Wii? Can we? Mama...CAN WE?

Friday, April 12, 2013

That's how I roll....

It's FrIdAy and I finished my little lady.
I really love her rose pedals the most. What do you think?
I wet the pedal FIRST, then dropped in the color. Yes, one by one. You don't want to try and do them all at once and I would let it dry completely before doing the one right next to it. That's really if you don't want them to all run together. Although, it would probably look pretty too. I really like that about art...nothing is really wrong.  RIGHT? At least that's what I tell myself. 

Pinky Tuscadero is on cold press paper 9x12 140LB
If you are at all interested in her please email me at
Or if you just wanna say HOLA=0)

Have a great weekend.

Monday, April 8, 2013


 Hope you had a great weekend. We went to see a butterfly jungle exhibit at the San Diego Safari Zoo. Let me tell you that there were SO many gorgeous ones flying around. One landed on my head for a moment and I think it was one of my happiest moments in my life. I have a few pictures that I posted on my instagram @cieloazuljewel account. It was a large blue morpho...MY FAVORITE. 
You can only imagine how many flowers were everywhere.
I had to start a new watercolor.

Just for the record....I LOVE P!NK.
She's in the works...I saw her in a magazine and had to paint her=0)
Don't you wish you could wear a rose pedal wig?
Okay...maybe JUST me=0P
I was just listening to her latest song the whole time I was working on it.

Friday, April 5, 2013

On a journey

Sometimes we float around in life.
Just go with the flow, but we feel that something is missing. 
People often ask me how I discovered my love for watercolor.
Most artists will tell you that they have been painting since they were children. That is not the case with me. I started painting about ten years ago. Did I draw much as a kid? I colored with crayons, but that's about it. It was something fun to do, but I didn't do it every day. 
I started my journey in my 20's. I decided that I wanted to sew. I went to Barnes and Noble and got the biggest book on sewing. It had a ton of pictures and so that made things easier. I'm very visual, so I need to see LOTS of pictures=0) I then saw a friend knitting during our lunch break. I had to know how that worked. It looked so interesting. BACK to Barnes and Noble....
These two hobbies I REALLY enjoyed, but one day I decided to finally take a watercolor class.
Hmmmm...just thought it would be interesting. After my first class I needed to know more. This time I went to the library. I think I checked out every watercolor book they had. I couldn't stop looking at all those pictures and reading about it. My next class my teacher was so shocked. She encouraged me to keep working and keep going to the library. That was TEN years ago. I still go to the library every week. More and more books. So, if you find yourself on a journey to find something you love, I'd suggest to try many things. Go to the library and look around and just grab anything that interests you. You just never know what may turn into your greatest love.


My other job....
Me-How was your visit?
Me-What did you do?
X-Uhhhh...I played some video games.
Me-Great, what else?
X-Uhhh....more video games.
Me-Did you play with your yo-yos I packed?
X-A little bit.
Me-How about your books?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dancing in pink

This morning I heard a song that made me want to dance. Not like the running man or anything like that. LOL. Something slower and with meaning...contemporary. 
So, I quickly made a sketch to remember the moment...the feeling. 
Then I thought that the girl looked more like a ballerina. 
So, I had a FLASH(and I was making something special for a little dancer).

I started a new watercolor.

I'm about half done. 
She's dancing with her pink shadow.
And the song plays on in my head...all day.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Check IT

I just added ten new pieces of jewelry to my shop.
These are all calm pastel colors.
 Usually, I love a good POP of color.
 Lately... I thought maybe others would like me to calm down a little. LOL.
So, these ten are for everyone who would like something lighter.
 Maybe help you keep your inner CHI calm=0)

You can check it  HERE
Please let me know what you think.

Kiss your peeps.