Thursday, March 25, 2010


I have been VERY busy preparing for my one year celebration.  I really can not believe that a whole year has passed, but things have been going well(thank you Jesus!).  I'm really excited that my friend that has her own cake business is going to make a cake like the one I have painted above!!  Cake and cupcakes!  Who is crazy enough not to show up?  Huh..huh?!  LOL!  I've been dreaming up some new Spring designs and I'm also going to be selling original watercolors and stationary.  I hope a lot of people show up, but if they don't then I get all the cake, LOL!  So, I though I'd give you a little peek at some of the stuff I've been working on=0)

Original watercolor painting are ready to set on small pendants for new Spring pieces.  Head bands, flower hair pins and brooches are ready to be jeweled up.  I'm also going to make prints of all the originals that I'm selling and putting them on notecards.

No fiber gets left behind on this project, LOL!  I've felted all the fiber to use in many of my pieces, but it REALLY looks cute on my one belt buckle that is in the works.  I originally got the buckle to make a watercolor for it, but then it just popped in my head.  I will post pictures when I finish it!

The notecards are being made and are looking fun.  I can't get credit for this original watercolor of "El Rey".  This is a self portrait my son made of himself at school.  I posted it on my Facebook profile and SO many people loved it and I got an order for stationary.  Yes, yes, the boy is getting royalties!!!!!  I have a feeling it won't go towards college pizza/beer fund, but towards his Lego Bionicles fund, LOL!

TWEET!!!!  This is one of my originals that I will be selling and I have made notecards too.  I've made several originals of this little cutie.  Too bad she isn't covered in sugar=0)

My other job............
Me-Thank you for sitting still while I cut your hair today.
X-You are welcome, but can I tell you something?
X-Can I tell you something and you promise not to get frustrated?
X-I like Dad better.
Me-Oh.......that's okay.
(In my head I'm thinking...I got up EVERY two hours to feed you when you were a baby!!!!!!!!)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring forward



            Original watercolor painting of two red poppy flowers.

I have been stocking up on new supplies for Spring and was able to make it out to my favorite store.  Imagine......aisles and aisles of semi-precious stones AND ME!  It really takes me about an hour and a half to go through it all.  I've got to let things swirl around in my head....colors....visions...etc.  I would of taken a picture, but you have to leave EVERYTHING in a locker as soon as your piggies cross the dotted line.  As soon as I walk in I get into the zone and please don't talk to me=0)  I'll be nice, but I need to focus.  Only God knows when I'll be able to be alone again, LOL!  Don't they look like they have little smiley faces all over them?  Okay, maybe it's just the reading glasses I need...
 Starting to work on two hand stamped sterling silver necklaces.  Only the "FLYEST CHICK" can wear this one....yeah, you know who you are.  I also have a lot of girlfriends that are all, "SUGAR & SPICE".  I can't wait to put these all together, but I'm waiting on the sterling chain I ordered.

                             Looking back on this winter.
My little man on a rainy day having a popsicle stick race with his Dad.  Sure glad they both made it back okay with no injuries.

 The snow man up at Lake Arrowhead.  Yes, he was out there all day and I was inside knitting all day=0)

                 WHO wouldn't want this family clock?  I'm trying to figure out how to inherit this!  Hmmmmm....any ideas?

My other job...........
Me-Thank you so much for helping me pull weeds all morning AND take care of your sister.  You earned $5.00!
X-WOW!!!  $500.00!!!  
Me-No.......$5.00, so we can put it in your bank.
X-I think I'm rich with $500.00.  Can I go and buy a Bionicle today?
Me-Well, lets count how much you have, 'cause it's NOT $500.00.  I think you might have enough to buy a small Bionicle.
X-Ohhhhhh, so no Scorpio?
Me-No, sorry.  It's like $60.00 for Scorpio, plus you have to be older.  
X-Okay, but I really wish you would give me $500.00.
X-Do you have a wallet?
X-  Mama!!!  I can't believe you actually have a wallet!!!  I thought only Dad had money.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

SALE going on!

Step right up......Step right up!!!  I've got my first SALE going on=0)  Most of my babies are on sale right now, so if you need to do any gift giving.......please take a peek.  All my pieces are original watercolors and most people love to receive unique pieces of jewelry.  All pieces come gift wrapped and I can ship directly if you like.  

My other job.......
X-Look at J's new sippy cup!
Me-Yes, she loves it already.  When you were her age you didn't like when it was time to change to a new sippy cup.
X-What would happen.'d cry and throw it at me, LOL!  She is SO funny with her new sippy.
X-(sniff..sniff...sniff)I wish I could be funny with a sippy........(sniff, tears, sniff)
Me-(In my head)It's just too early for this, lol.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The winner is.........OH, let me show you something first=0)

                     Crochet flower with smokey quartz in the center.

                       Crochet leaf with Fire Agate on a silver colored chain.
          Hammered fine silver infinity ring and above the elbow bracelet.

I have been busy with a few different ideas that popped into my head!  Yep, that's how it works for me.  I'm either almost awake and I get these visions of jewelry.....or they just POP into my coconut and I quickly have to draw a sketch.  The first one is a lot of fun. The crochet flower has a smokey quartz right in the center for some sparkle.  The multiple chains are a gunmetal color and the longest strand measures 30".   For the second piece...... I really love the fall and I know that it's technically still winter, LOL!  I just couldn't help it, so I made it=0)  The fine silver is something that I've been wanting to make for a while.  I always cling and clang my bracelet when I write, grrrrr.  I just hate that, so I wanted something that went over the elbow. I also wanted an index finger ring that said.......WASSUP.  LOL!  I think I was able to capture that, LOL.  I'd love to read what you guys think, so please leave me a comment.

OH!  The winner is......................Cup of tea and a slice of life.  Please send me your address=0)

My other job...........
X-I can't believe I have two loose teeth!!!!
Me-I know!  Did you see the it showed your adult teeth?
X-Yes, AND all the cavities!!!
Me-You didn't have any cavities.
X-I thought you told me that if I don't floss and brush my teeth, they fall out.
Me-Yes, that is true.
X-SO, I have cavities!!!
Me-No, it's different.  Once you get all your adult teeth, that's it.  They fall out...NO more teeth.
X-.....................................................SO I DON'T HAVE TO FLOSS OR BRUSH UNTIL I'M 7!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun stuff!!!

I'm so excited to have found all this fun stuff over at Vintage Junky!!!!  I really needed a few things for my laundry room and kitchen.  I want to say thanks to Home Sweet Seattle for posting what you found there=0)

My other job........
X-I love you all the way to outer space!!!
Me-Awww, thank you.  I love you too.
X-That's all?  That isn't very much at all.