Sunday, July 25, 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos!

Hola friends!
We were so happy to have been inviting to a fun summer birthday party.
My girlfriend has her own cake business and she makes such great cakes. If you saw my post about my extravaganza, she made my butterfly cake(Casa de cupcake).
This dinosaur party was for her you know the cake was going to be OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Yummy chocolate lollipops!
Can I just have one now? They were for the chimichangas....darn! LOL!


This guy was SO huge!

Little babies=0)

Pinata had really sharp teeth;o)

There were a few fun craft tables, but this was my favorite. We, or should I say I painted a couple of cute dinosaurs.

Everyone made themselves a fun necklace.

The tables were decorated with colorful dinosaurs, but this guy was my favorite. You know how I love bright colors, LOL!

Who doesn't love a jumpy house?
I didn't go in, but X had a blast!
It was a really fun summer party. I can't believe this is the last week of summer vacation for X. It was a great night for a summer party=0)
It was also a great night for cake!
What was your favorite summer party? And did they have cake or pie?

Hope you all have a lovely week,


My other job........
Me-It's cake time!
X-I'm a little bit afraid.
X-I think the pieces are going to be TOO big.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Francey Pants

Hola mi Cielo! I hope you all had a lovely week. I've had a busy one and I finally decided that I needed to work on a new painting! Usually, I work on paintings that I can finish up in a night, but this time......I've got a serious situation, LOL! I've been dreaming of EuropA! HIJOLE! I've been looking through old photos and I came across one that I remember saying I was going to paint. One's going to take a while. Look at all those stones! Gorgeous. This was on a Sunday, in the South of France. One of my brother in laws lives there(LUCKY DUCKY). This was on the walk back from lunch.......YES......the walk back from lunch... to their house. So, I started running up the steps and it hit me!!!! STOP...GO BACK...TAKE PHOTO. LOL!!!

Take a minute to really look at EVERYTHING. The stones, bushes, the shutters....WOW! The only thing that is missing is the Nutella, LOL!

Here we go... First, I need to balance everything on my paper. I have made a few changes. Lets see if you notice=0)

Getting things done... day by day. You can only imagine how many hours I've been working on this, LOL.

My baby just took her first breath.
I started painting last night. How many different greens do you think I used? I started the wash on the bottom stones, but they will still need more. With watercolor.....there are MANY layers(lucky me). I paint....I wait....evaluate...and add more paint. I have no idea how long this painting will take, but I have to take my time. One day, I hope that they invent a watercolor eraser, LOL!

I hope you like my project. I will do a part DEUX, when I finish.
For now, think of me the next time you have a little Nutella=0)

Wishing you a gorgeous week,


My other job........
X-Can you give this paper to Mrs. Nancy across the street?
Me-I saw her leave, so I will give it to her later.
Me-Oh no.
X-We just have to cancel the whole thing, UGH....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bling it up!

Hey, Sweet Cheeks! First, I had to show you a custom order I just finished.
Fine Silver Starfish Ring.
Hope she LOVES it=0)

Now......I just had to make myself some dressed up flip flops this summer.
I picked up some flip flops and started looking through all my semi-precious stones.

Smokey quartz.
Lucidite, Aqua Marine chips, and I can't remember the name of the green one...OY! All I remember is the price....HIJOLE!

I wired them up and then hand stitched them on the flip flop.
Hope they stay on, LOL!!!

I'm ready to flippidy flop around town now=0)

Have a beachy week,


My other job..........
X-I can't wait to start 1st grade.
Me-I wonder which Maestra you will get?
X-A really nice one...I think so....Yeah, I really think so.
X-Do you really think so?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fine Silver

Hola! Hope everyone is having a lovely week=0)
If you read my last post, I mentioned there was a sale on Monday at my favorite bead shop. Did I go that day???? Nope, LOL! I R E A L L Y wanted to, but......I have these little monsters that dominate my schedule. LOL! So, I went the next day and picked up some fine silver. I had a design in my head and I just had to make it, PRONTO. So, first I made the large link chain and J woke up from her nap early. Boo! I hardly ever work during the day, but this time I knew this necklace would take more time than usual.

I didn't polish the chain too much. I like it to look a little rough. My favorite thing about fine silver, is that it never turns black.

This means beautiful.
This chain measures about 20" in length and I also added a few inches of sterling silver chain. I added some fun detail to the edge of the tag.
There are aquamarine chips, crystals, and stone.

A little wishbone for good luck=0)

I had a little silver left, sooooo.....

I made a fun ring! What do you see?
A bird soaring?
A person diving off a cliff?
A wish bone?
A churro?

Wishing all my HERMOSA friends a gorgeous day,


My other job...........
X-Mama!!! I have to come back tomorrow!!!(Super Slimy Science Camp)
Me-Did you have fun today?
X-We are going to do an experiment with Coca-Cola tomorrow.
Me-You can come again tomorrow.
X-It's going to be Coca-Cola LOCURA!!!(Coca-Cola craziness)

Monday, July 5, 2010

What day is it?

Hola Sweet Cheeks! Hope you all had a fun weekend....full of madness. We sure could use some ear plugs over here=0) Today is really like a Sunday, but it's really Monday....right? LOL! My Love is off today, so what will we do today? Hmmmmm...
I'm trying to decide if I should go buy some more fine silver. You see...they are having a 4th of July sale, but you know I'm gonna come out of there with WAY too much, LOL! I'll let you know what ends up happening, LOL! Picture me....with a BIG bag...and a whole lotta giggling when I leave the store, LOL!

I made pie this weekend!!!
It was a brilliant idea....RIGHT?! LOL!

It was super yummy and has 0 calories=0) LOL!

Guess who got a 3D Shark Bite Slip and Slide?

I have to run and then throw myself?

Loving the Crabby Crab hot tub.

Chillaxin' for 2.5 seconds.
Hope you all had a super fun 4th of July.



My other job............
X-I have a great idea for my birthday party!
Me-What is it?
X-A....... S U R P R I S E ..... PARTY!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sometimes you feel like a nut

Hola Sweet Cheeks! Is summer over yet?! LOL! I've been working on a couple of quilted watercolor key chains. What do you think? They are about 4"x 2" and are about 5mm thick. This one is an original watercolor of flower petals. See the cute little lady bug on the edge?
These original watercolors are set in resin with a hint of glitter. The pendant is about 1.5" around. I had a private showing , so only the Hydrangea Keychain is in my Etsy shop.


This one is the Hydrangea Key Chain. See the little leaf below the pendant? I tried to get a little fancy with the swirly stitching, LOL! I may rough up the edges of the material under the pendant. We shall we....heeehee.

So, my other job has been a little hectic lately....... X and I went back to the beach for some, "fun in the sun". We grab some lunch and enjoy the sounds of the ocean. Most of my days are VERY........ahhhhhh....loud. LOL! So, it was a lot of fun to get back to the beach.

It was time to figure out how to set up some "boobie traps". Yes, he always comes up with fun stuff=0)

That bird kept flying by us.....a little too low, LOL!

Enjoying a little quiet....... A LITTLE....

Time to get back to the boobie traps! LOL!

Hope you all are getting a little quiet this week=0) Ummmmm....yeah(*fingers crossed*).



My other job...............
Me-Okay, we got your books, now lets get one for me!
Me-Please get off might....