Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Pieces

It's summer time and I've been working my fingers to the bone(not really). Here are a few pieces that I have completed so far.
Hope you like=0)

I used all original watercolors of shells, star fish, and a hydrangea for the small charms. Sliced Agate and one Druzy Agate for the main pendant. I always have to throw in the sparkly stuff too! I'm Latina and Italian, it's a law, LOL! Crystals, stone, glass, and gold brushed beads(HIJOLE!).

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend with the ones you love,


Monday, June 21, 2010

Heart of the ocean

Hola Sweet Cheeks! I've been away.......My Abuelita(grandmama)passed. I went up north to celebrate her life. So, I kissed the babes goodbye and met up with family and friends. I'm just so lucky that my Abuelita was around for 92 years.

I also met up with a great friend from high school. She wanted to learn to wire wrap a ring, so we visited her bead shop. There were so many lovely things, but I picked this stone. My husband called it, "heart of the ocean". LOL! This ring is going to remind me of my Abuelita. I'm so happy that she passed away with SO many loved ones around her.

When I returned home, we went to visit my in-laws to celebrate Father's Day and many birthdays. They had moved a year ago and have now moved back! Everyone really missed this house. This home was built in 1896!!!! I LOVE this house and all the details inside. So, I thought I'd show you a little bit of it=0)

A year ago, we all sat on these steps for one last picture......we thought, LOL!

I love all the plants and hydrangeas in the front yard.

I LOVE shutters.

DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS! Look at all this molding.

I really think this sunroom is so pretty.

Out back all the kids were having a fun time.


I was so sad when I thought I would never see this stove again. Isn't she gorgeous?!

My little cutie pie is happy to be back=0)

It has been a L O N G week. Adios Abuelita.....muchisimos besos. I keep a traveling journel/sketch book. I drew a tree at the church where Abuelita had her service. I drew it on a page that I had already written on........just wanted to see how it would look, LOL! It says, Went to JFK
sitting by "Greg Brady"
too funny.

Wishing you all a wonderful week. I'm going to try and put this little house back in order. No Mama for several days=super duper messy, LOL.



My other job......................
X-Mama.......we did so much fun stuff while you were gone.
X-I need to start a Twilight Zone collection.
Me-Hmmmmmmmmmm, sounds interesting.
X-OH yeah! Daddy said I can watch some Twilight Zone episodes! I can't wait!
Me-Are you sure?
X-Yes! I'm not scared of ANYTHING. Not ANYTHING.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Hola! Hope all is well=0)
I've been a little out of it the last few days and I haven't painted. I really need to work on a few projects before I upset anyone. I usually see something that inspires me. Usually, it can be anything! Lately........nothing seemed just right. I was going through blogs and found some lovely photos of hydrangeas. They are so gorgeous and I love to see huge bushes of them. So, just had to paint tonight!

I start with a very simple sketch.

Then I do a color test and also see how my strokes look.

Finally......The ALMOST finished project. I still need to let it dry over night and then make the very small details.

Hoping you all have a lovely week,


My other job.................
Me-Great! Here are the washers we need for our project.
X-Can we get some screws too?
X-We need to make that robot!
Me-I don't know how to make a robot, sorry.
X-I can do it!!! SCREWS PLEASE!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer carpet ride

This first week of summer has been....... BUSY!  GLORIA weeks to go!  Jump on our carpet ride through Disneyland.
Matterhorn is always first up=0)  We have  a special love for the yeti.

This boat is so huge!
Pirates of the Caribbean.  I never noticed this was even here, LOL!

I stopped and smelled the flowers.  Real ones and fake ones=0)

California Adventure!
They have such a pretty entrance to this restaurant.
Bugs land is so much fun.
Little cutie pies can cool off here.

A day of waiting in line wasn't so bad, LOL!
These jellyfish were so colorful and very fun.
I was so happy to see this=0)  It really made me smile.
This was such a pretty sight.
I have never noticed this before!  Look at all the fun stuff in here.

I will try my best to have some lovely posts a couple times a week.  Please forgive me if I get behind.  I will be back in full force in August!



My other job................
Me-Did you have fun today?
X-Actually.........I wish today was the first day of school.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here comes the...........designer...OY!

Good morning Sweet Cheeks.  
X and I spent yesterday at Disneyland!  We had a great day=0)
After a  long day of running around, I had a massage scheduled.  I took a quick shower, so I wouldn't punish my poor friend, LOL!  Seven hours of sun block, sweat, and corn dogs......that would be a little too much stinkyness, LOL!
Anyways, SHE'S GETTING MARRIED!!!!  And now for the shocker.....she wants me to make the following.
Wedding dress,
Her jewelry,
Her fiances wedding ring,
Bridesmaids jewelry/gift,
and the rest is still open for discussion.
I'm a little nervous, LOL!

See our complete Sue Wong collection.
I saw this at
This style is what we were talking about last night, but longer.  Vintage lilac color, hmmmmmm.....

I need to start sketching tonight!


My other job.......
X-Lets see if I'm tall enough to go on Indiana Jones!
X-LOOK!!!  I'm almost tall enough=0)
Me-Maybe by Christmas?
X-(whispering)Maybe if I wear bigger shoes?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Step right up!

Good morning Sweet Cheeks!  This weekend we went to our annual street fair.  X loves to go on the rides, so of course we spent the whole day there.

YES.....he was on this thing, LOL!

New friends on the crazy swings.

J isn't very happy that she can't go on any rides yet.....boohoo=0(

Tsunami slide!!  8 times, ughhh, LOL!

Someone looks pretty happy.

I started making Flaviana's fine silver prize!!!


My other job.............
Me-First day of summer vacation!  I made pancakes.