Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just dance

Do you ever just want to break out and dance?
You could be at the grocery store.
Maybe the atm.
You just hear a song or you just have a crazy amount of frustration.
It's gotta come out! Or at least you wish you could just let it out in a positive way=0)

 Watercolor 9x12 140LB

Kiss your peeps,

My other job.....
Me-Please be careful when you jump off the edge. You might hit your head on the side of the pool.
X-If I'm too careful it's not as fun.
Me-I don't want you to get hurt. There is only one of you, so I have to make sure you stay safe.
X-Why do you have to love me so dramatically?!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Such fun sterling

I finished my summer bracelets!
These are a lot of fun and they are adjustable=0)
They really are cute and I made two of case you want to buy one for your BFF too=0)

These are all hand painted original watercolor paintings. I carefully cut them to fit perfectly in the 13mm pendant. I then carefully seal them and put a protective coating on top. They are very protected, BUT it's best to keep them dry. These are all sterling silver and 9" long. You can adjust to any length!!!! The little charms look so cute=0)

Other than that...summer is in full swing!
We are running around and we need to get some Costco size sunblock containers.

Have a great day!

My other job...
Me-Time to get out of the pool!
Me-Time to get out after this last jump!
Me-I know you hear me!!!
Me-Time to go!!! It's cold and J and I are hungry.
Me-I guess we are not coming back tomorrow.
X-OKAY, I'm out!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Floating about..

Do you ever feel like you are just wandering the earth and you're not awake?
You are in the car and you are on auto pilot?
I've been feeling like that lately. LOL
I get so busy with the little ones and I sort of forget to enjoy myself. So, I was inspired to paint a jelly fish. Look at her floating there=0) Everything looks so peaceful and the most important part is that we forget that she will getcha REAL good if you get too close!
Lets wake up this week and enjoy a great big cannon ball.


My other job.....
Me-I'm so glad you really like those greek mythology books.
Me-Can you go to sleep now? What are you reading about?????
X-Zeus and all his lovers.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer fun

Hola! I'm adding more summer pieces to my shop and I wanted to show you a special order that I just finished.

This is a custom order for sterling cufflinks that measure 1".
I just love how these turned out=0)
The first one is of a Turkish sailboat.

 The other is of Apamea.

The rest are all earrings to stock up my Etsy shop.

 Henna style design.

 Sand dollars on the beach!

 A lovely starfish and some sea glass.
If I found all those on the beach...WHAT LUCK!

 This last set is of a big leafy/white flower wreath. 
I was visiting family and they had put up such a gorgeous one.
Just popped!

Hope you are enjoying the beginning of summer.
It's been so busy already, but having a lot of fun.

I'm working on some bracelets now, so I'll post some photos when they are ready.

Have a great week!

My other job........
X-So we aren't going swimming?
X-I was just defending myself.  This isn't fair!!!!!
Me-You didn't hit the person that hit you. You hit the other person.
X-She was gonna hit me...right in the back.
Me-Did she hit you?
X-No...she was gonna!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sugar babies in watercolor

Buenos dias!
We just visited over the weekend with family.
Look at our twin sugar babies!!!! They are not identical twins. They are so cute and I just wanted to squeeze them all day. They did not feel the same towards me...which led to a lot of crying. LOL!!!

I'm just about to start my next project! Super excited about it. I love to travel and this will be a fun way to remember their voyage=0)

Have a great day.

My other job.....
X-why can't we stay longer
Me-Daddy has to go to work tomorrow.
X-oh...hmmm. I guess we gotta go then.
Me-We will be back soon. It's summer vacation!
X-Does Friday work?!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer around the world

Hola! I'm just working on my summer 2012 pieces.
I thought I'd make some pieces that reflect summer all over the world. I'm only about half done, but I thought I'd let you peek=0)

These earrings are silver plated and measure 21mm.

 Summer on the California coast. I looooove finding sand dollars. It's hard to find one that isn't broken, but I jump up and down EVERYtime. Just love. These hand painted earrings have all my favorites. Blue water...sea glass...sand dollars.

NYC anyone?!
I dream of walking around Central Park with these gorgeous mint green pumps. 
I can always dream....

 Would anyone like to meet in the English garden for some afternoon tea?
Wonderful lavender flowers all around and lemon curd.

The last few are of my newest pendants. I'm still dreaming up the necklace to add to these. stones. Plain chain? Short chain? Long chain? As you can see...I'm still dreaming them up=0)

This one is for myself. My daughter runs to this fountain after preschool and makes a wish.
She usually says, "my wish FOR A YOYO".
I just had to capture such a sweet moment.

 Summer in the south of France. would be lovely.
Maybe have some steamed clams at the restaurant across the street.
I just love it there=0)

Lets summer in Paris. Maybe just sit around on a bench and soak it all in.
Croissant with chocolate for lunch!

 The last one is of summer on the island of Bora Bora.
OH the water there. Save your pennies and polish up your French!
This island is worth every cent. Pure relaxation and it would be a wonderful summer.

Hope you are liking the new pieces so far!

Have a wonderful day,

My other job....
J-Where were you?
Me-I was with X. I'm sorry I missed your party.
J-I wanted you to hear me sing the bear song.
Me-I'm so sorry. You know X won't come early with me. I feel really bad and I'm sad I missed the song.(Now I honestly wanted to cry).

Monday, June 4, 2012

Breathe deep

Can you smell the sea?
I'm just about done=0) I like to make some final touches, but I think I may be done.
Hope you all have a peaceful Monday.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What a difference a wash makes...

I like how this is turning out!
Took a quick snap shot, but I'll post again when it'a all finished and dry=0)
So far so good=0)

Hope you enjoy the sea side this weekend!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sea glass by the sea shore

Good morning and happy Friday!
The flu entered the building last Sunday.
Lucky for us only X got it. We have had a long week of fevers, naps, go fish, lego harry potter game and the cheese touch game. Some how I ALWAYS get the cheese touch!
Well, it's a new day=0)
Last night I started the first wash of a new watercolor. So far...looks peaceful. We will see how it develops over the weekend. Maybe I need to drive to the sea side to look at the sand closer. This way I can paint it better;oP


My other job....
X-I don't want to go to school tomorrow.
Me-But you're all better! Annnnnnddddd your teacher called to say how much they miss you.
X-But I missed all the fun stuff this week(tears).
Me-Yes, but we had as much fun as we could here at home. Are you telling me that our hero factory battles were boring? I almost lost my actual eye ball! YOU WERE LAUGHING SO HARD!
X-Fine...I'll go. I'd rather stay home and play cards.
Me-Are you up for the challenge after school? 
X-OH YEAH. Don't be too sad when you lose! You're going dooooooooowwwwnnnnnnnn.....