Monday, May 30, 2011

Things are looking brighter!

Summer is almost here!
I just had my last class with my little first graders=0) I think they learned a few thing, but hopefully they just had fun. It's interesting that some children by this age already worry about what their drawing looks like. I honestly thought that none of them would be nervous about starting a sketch, but I quickly learned that we needed to drop kick the erasers, lol. The nine months just flew by and now I can potty train J!!!!! AY YAY YAY...don't get me started;o)

So, of course I've still been knitting and I came up with this hat! Wanted to make something mushy and large. Kind of like a deflated chefs hat, lol. VOILA!

Here comes the sun...but the heat....NOT so much. We went to the beach to play in the sand this weekend and brrrrrrrr. People around us were TRYING to pretend it was 85*, but WHOOO LORD it was C O L D. Putting a positive spin on it, it was gorgeous and sunny.

Castles are always fun to make, but J is going to get that great big green ball back there.


I'm freezing and I have three layers on, LOL.

OKAY, now they're just taking pictures to show how wimpy I am, lol. It's the icy breeze. SERIOUSLY.

OH, back to some warm talk! I was working on some hammered rings and had an order for another toe ring. It just happened to fit my toe. KEEP IT...SELL IT...KEEP IT....SELL IT? Yep, it's in the mail=0(
I got some of that crackling nail polish on. I don't know how well you can see it, but I thought I'd mention that it's a lot of fun watching it transform. I recommend you use a darker base polish(OPI makes it).

So, besides the potty training business....I need to start a new painting. Not really sure what I want to paint. Maybe I'll go back and revisit some photos of Europe?
I'll let you know=0) Feel free to make some suggestions!
Have a lovely week!!!

My other job......
X-Are you really my Mama?
X-I still think Nana and Pop pop are my parents.
X-You know all my brothers believe me. EVEN Nana and Pop pop!
Me-Yes, but why were you in my tummy then?
X-I LOVE THAT YOU ARE MY NANNY. You are really good at that(giggle...giggle...giggle).
Me-You are sweet.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring is in the air

It's May!
I can't believe it!
We have been planting, planting, planting in the garden. Tomatoes(CHECK), lavender(CHECK), hydrangeas(CHECK). Now if I could keep all the snails and slugs away...that would be very helpful. I've also been busy with special orders. Mother's Day is almost here! Only about 7wks until school ends...amazing. I'm not really sure what big plans we have, but X sure does=0)

Here is a stack of fine silver rings for Mother's Day. These are a lot of fun to make=0)
She is going to love these.

Add fine silver to any necklace. I can hand stamp these too.

Fun Spring hat.
My personal assistant wanted to be in the shot=0)

This is one of my favorites for little girls. Perfect for Spring and Summer fun=0)

I've been wanting to make this hat for myself for a while. I made it in a toddler size first and then adults wanted it! I was happy that I wasn't the only one that liked this style, lol. I've been looking for something casual that would cover all my gray hair! It always turns out that my hair needs to be re done and I have an appointment somewhere and I just can wear a bandana, LOL. So here it is and I make it a little loose, so you don't get hat head. There are also lots of holes, so your head can breathe=0) Can you tell that I've given this project a lot of thought? LOL.

Here's a 1920's hat that I just love. I have a hat like this and every time I wear it I get asked about it=0) I'm so glad I finally found a hat that works for me. I always felt very awkward wearing a hat, but I guess 2011 is the year of the hat for me, lol.

Hope that you all are having a wonderful Spring. Everyone start using your thigh masters because summer is right around the corner!

Have a lovely day,

My other job.......
Me-It's almost summer!
X-I know and I've been thinking about going to France.
Me-That would be nice, but it's a LONG plane ride.
X-I know, but I really want to see C and O.
Me-Maybe you should talk to Daddy about that.
X-Okay...okay...okay...I guess I need to see what else we could do.