Friday, June 28, 2013


As you know, I just returned from vacation. We were up in Northern California for a wonderful week visiting family and friends. I was lucky enough to meet up with several great friends. All of them I truly love and feel SO lucky to be a part of their lifes. I’ve known them all for over twenty five plus years. WOW….when I put it that way=0) I saw them each on different days, so that I could have the FULL dose of each one. LOL. As I enjoyed my time with them I kept thinking about different parts of my life that I’ve enjoyed with them. From the drama, parties, basketball games, cheerleading camp and proms. Who could forget the one shoulder bridesmaid dresses and THE COCKTAILS. So much time has passed…yet I still feel 21;oP The wonderful thing is we still crack each other up. It seriously doesn’t matter what we are talking about or if we’re crying…we are laughing. Laughter is the best medicine…RIGHT? Yes, there are moments where we all have had our ugly cry faces on, but we can ALWAYS count on each other.  So, when I did see them each we mostly laughed. Yes, we all should have been comedians. We always get the laugh and there are never ANY crickets in the room. I wish we could have been this way in  grade school, junior high and high school. Yes, I’ve known them all a very long time. LOL. Boy could they tell you stories about me. And boy could I tell you stories about them, BUT they are in the vault…sorry. Meeting with them made me think about what makes someone SO beautiful? Really…what?  Their face…body…hair?  When I spent time with each of them, they were just so beautiful to me. What was it exactly? Their smiles…laughter…joy. THAT’S IT. I’ve finally cracked the code. It makes me only want to paint about laughter all day. Who would not want to? Seeing other peoples joy makes me happy. Adding color and lots of it makes me feel like I’m showing all the happiness…the power of the glow=0)  So, the last couple of days I’ve been splashing around in watercolor. Trying to get it just right. Trying to show all the beauty that laughter brings to the people you share it with. Who wants to be around a grump? Sometimes…it happens and I’m just so blessed to have the greatest friends to lift me up. Hope my painting shows all the joy that laughter makes me feel.

Hope you have a great weekend,

My other job....
X-Do you think they have banana cream pie in heaven?
Me-Of course they do!
X-Do you think Mema is okay.
Me-Yes, I'm sure she is doing just fine.
X-I'm just wondering if she found her husband. Heaven must be a BIG place.
Me-He must of been there as soon as she arrived. 
X-Who else?
Me-Hopefully everyone she loved that got there before her.
X-I think the first thing I'll do is eat the endless supply of banana cream pie!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back to reality

I have returned to the real world=0)
We were in northern California for a whole week visiting friends and family.
Okay...let me just tell you...we had a great time.
First thing I did was to visit my favorite bakery and get a BIG OL' burnt almond cake.
YUM. If you are EVER in San Jose...YOU MUST. They even sell it by the slice, if you want a nibble.
I got to catch up in person with some of my closest girlfriends and you know how good that is for the soul. LOVE all the laughs and sisterhood.
We also did A LOT of swimming and we went up to San Francisco for a day. It was totally freezing, but the aquarium and lunch was fantastic.
“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”
― Mark Twain
 I did get a chance to sketch a little on the plane and I thought I'd give you a little peek. 
I'm starting to think up my new designs for my compact mirrors. Is there anything special you'd like to see? Let me know=0) 

 She's coming in for a landing;oP

Have a SUNNY day,

My other job....
X-This is the worst idea ever and I will NOT have ANY fun.
X-So I guess you guys were right ONCE AGAIN.
Me-Next time, just be open to try new things.
X-That may be the time you are SO wrong.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wedding...OH lala

Good morning sweet cheeks. Today I thought it would be fun to talk about sketching and watercolor supplies. I was looking at some wedding dresses 2013 style and got VERY inspired. I always like to start out on sketching paper…just to get an idea of how big I really want it to be. Once I draw the flowers, then I can start working on the hands and beautiful dress. I really love a lot of flowers and I found a cool photo that had an enormous bouquet. Once you are sure about the size, then you can go ahead and start sketching on watercolor paper. I used Canson Montval Watercolor paper 140lb. You can find it in a block and it has a flap on the front, so you can put it away easily. I like to use a mechanical pencil, so it’s always super sharp, BUT I make sure to not press down hard. I want the paper to stay nice and smooth. The pencil I use is a KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH 0,5. I’ve only started using this for the last six months, but I really like it. I also use FABER-CASTELL 2B pencil whenever I don’t mind sharpening it often=0)  So, once I sketch everything out I’m pretty much ready to add the watercolors. I’m using l’Aquarell on this painting, but if you are just starting out a Winsor & Newton Compact Set is great. Now the main thing to remember is to start light…it’s safer. I like to take it slow and not add too much too soon. I also enjoy adding several different types of the same color. For example, in this painting I used both greens in my set and even mixed them together to get another shade. I don’t know if you can tell by just looking at it, but I feel pretty scientific mixing it all up. Painting is for fun after all…right? Keep in mind that whatever is wet is going to stay wet for a while, so don’t try to make any fine details until the end. You can always start working on another area and eventually go back and see if it’s dry enough. I like to wait. Some use hair dryers to speed along the process. Once you are sure you are ready to add the final details make sure it’s dry. I do all my finishing touches when I’m 100% sure that it will NOT spread. Then I go back and do all the shading with a light gray wash. Start light and see how you like it. Keep a dry paper towel near by in case you need to dab the paper and remove some of the watercolor. NOW YOU WANT TO GO PAINT RIGHT? You have a lot to work on=0) Hope this was helpful and I’d love to see anything you are working on.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Cherry on TOP

Did you all have a great Father's Day?
Sorry I'm late on this one. We got a little carried away planning everything with the little ones.
We started with french toast...that was SO good. I think especially good because we got carried away with the powdered sugar=0P's only once a year...right?!
We decided at the same time to start a Scrabble(word game) challenge.
Boys vs. Girls
This ended up being the funniest game we have ever played ALL together.
Maybe that's why I loved it so much;oP
We went to the pool for a couple hours and then had a very nice dinner at home with family.
We had a great time being EXTRA nice to the dads in our life.
AND we made them a super awesome ice cream sundae with a cherry on TOP.

Hope you all have a wonderful day,

My other job...
Me-Are you going to canon ball off the diving board?
X-I just wanna hang in the hot tub.
Me-Okay, lets get in.
X-I can't do it.
Me-You just said you wanted to.
X-That little baby girl is in there...ALONE.
Me-We can still go in.
X-We'd be breaking the safety rules and I can't be a part of that.
Me-Come on.
X-I can't believe you aren't following the rules and you're a mother.
Me-I'm not her mother. I'm your mother and we can go in.

Friday, June 14, 2013


It's Friday.
It feels like I should be jumping on a train...IT'S FRIDAY.
The only train I'll be jumping on is my newest watercolor. I was inspired by a photo that I saw on (@123los)instagram. I just love how she is patiently waiting and looking fabulous at the same time=0)
To watch me painting the red coat click here. 
So, today I will be working on her and dreaming of NYC.
I better go put my name plate on=0)


My other job...
X-YOU forgot to buy me the latest Captain Underpants book.
Me-Uh...there is a new one? came out in January 2013. YOU forgot.
Me-I don't ever remember knowing. LOL. You are in luck, we just got our $5.00 coupon for the reading club.
X-Okay for the important question.
Me-Oh boy. What?
X-Are you paying or am I? Let me just say that I think you should...SINCE YOU TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT IT.

Monday, June 10, 2013

End of year FUN

We are quickly getting to the end of the school year. Everyone is going to prom and getting ready for graduation ceremonies. I can not get over how quickly this school year has just zoomed by me. I DO enjoy going to all the fun parties and seeing teenagers out having a fancy dinner before their BIG prom. I seriously love seeing them all dressed up and looking so excited to be out.  They all look so great…I just love that. I was surprised to see some kids posing for pictures with a professional photographer. WHAT FUN. I did notice white prom dresses that were very pretty and they had on very colorful accessories. It was really cute. I really liked the red prom dresses that I saw. I'm thinking that I may NEED to get a RED dress for at least one of my trips. You just never know when you may need to get all fancy. Back in the day when I had prom…we loved some SERIOUS color. LOL. Yes, you can imagine me with my royal purple ruffled prom dress. YES… LOL. Anyways, it was fun to see them all out with their super runway gorgeous dresses. Looks like prom is getting bigger and better each year. Now we are also getting all the teachers gifts together and writing them sweet notes so they know how much we appreciate all their hard work…AND PATIENCE. It's also time to say goodbye to all our friends that are moving away=0( Such a bummer, but we are really happy that we got to know them and we wish them all the best. The good part is that now we have a few more places to go visit and explore. As for us, we have TONS of stuff planned this year. YAY. I'm super excited about all the fun we have planned for our summer break. We only have seven weeks, but they are packed to the brink of destruction. We are visiting so many friends and family. Now that the little ones are getting bigger, WE ARE READY TO BRING ON THE FUN. I will be posting photos on instagram all summer long…in case you want to take a peek. We are all stocked up on sun block, flip flops, towels. What else could we possibly need? I'm also packing up all my paints and brushes for our trips away. We will see if they survive the occasional canon balls off the diving boards. Hmmm, that thought just gave me heart palpitations=0) Maybe I will just stick to painting inside…or just away from the pool. HA. It's going to be fun. Hopefully you all have some fun plans too. I'd love to hear about them=0)  I need to go and find myself a fun RED dress(*fingers crossed*).

Friday, June 7, 2013

New cards

 It's Friday and I'm so excited that I received my new shipment of cards.
I talked about the Okapi before. She is half zebra and half giraffe.
The inside of the Okapi says...
Why fit in when you were born to stand out?
The Thank you card is of flowers and rhinestones and is blank inside.
I will be putting them in my shop.

Okapi card(inside)

Hope you have a GREAT weekend.

My other job...
Me-Good morning.
X-I can't believe I'm on vacation.
Me-I too.
Me-Well, we are already up for today AND we have to take J to school. Maybe tomorrow?
X-That's not very fun.
Me-We can go to the library when it opens.
X-Now that's more like it. Can I have Oreos too?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


It's summer time and it's time for a fun summer makeup giveaway.
It feels like new makeup will do the trick=0)
Fun and fresh new summer colors will help me not feel like I look colorless. LOL.
I guess I'm tired of the usual makeup that I've been using, SO LETS PEP THINGS UP.


You can win:

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Summer in watercolors.

My summer 2013 pieces are complete and I'm really happy with them. I get a lot of custom orders for shells, so I thought I'd make a whole lot! They are all available in my Etsy shop

                          Tulip Egg Case

I fell madly in love with a photo that I saw of this VERY unique shell. I wish I could find one of these! The pattern and texture is so beautiful and challenging to paint. I hand painted this shell on Aqvarelle Arches paper and l'Aquarelle Semellier watercolors. I added a little Del Mar sand to the edges of the painting before I sealed it. I wire wrapped semi precious lavender pearls with copper wire. The necklace has a cute little silver shell charm and a shell charm. It measures 19" inches in length including pendant.


Inspired from all the beauty of the sea I painted this orange shell. Can you imagine outgrowing your shell and having to find another one? I just had to hand paint this beauty and I added a little Del Mar sand to the corners. The illustration is on Aqvarelle Arches paper and l'Aquarelle Sennelier watercolors. The wire wrapped stones are two labradorite and one sea foam colored. The large green stone is called chrysoprase and is stunning. The necklace measures 21"in length including the pendant.


I was inspired to paint this little starfish because I just love how special they are. I love seeing them whenever I go to an aquarium. The texture is so beautiful to me. So many details and colors, so it makes it very fun to paint. I also added a little sand to the corners before I sealed painting. A little Del Mar sand to dream about the sea. I painted this little beauty on Aqvarelle Arches paper using l'Aquarelle Sennelier watercolors. The wire wrapped beautiful multi colored pieces of glass compliment the art work perfectly. The necklace measures 22", including the pendant.


This coral necklace is a little piece of the quiet world below the waves. I dream about snorkeling in Bora Bora again one day. I must first work on my French and fear of sharks=0) I carefully hand painted this little piece of art on Aqvarelle Arches paper and l'Aquarelle Sennelier watercolor paints. The stones are wire wrapped multi colored glass. The antique silver colored chain measures 21" in length, including the pendant. There is a cute little seahorse on the chain. I added some sand from Del Mar, California to the corners of the artwork before I sealed it


I've got the sea on my mind. I just love searching for shells and sea glass. Doesn't it feel like you've found a piece of gold when you find a special shell? Even if it's broken I still add it to my sea jar at home. I was inspired to paint a little abalone shell and I carefully sealed it in the beautiful pendant. I did add a little sand from Del Mar in the corners...just a little California sparkle. On the chain I wire wrapped nine labradorite stones. I loves these stones because they have a blue hue to them. The necklace measures 23" in length, including the pendant.

Hope you like them=0)

Monday, June 3, 2013

That's what friends are for.

The other day I was day dreaming about weddings. Not for myself, but for one of my girlfriends that is single. She is a fabulous catch and so I’m always keeping ideas in my head for her wedding. I mean….you just never know when lightning will strike the heart! She may be walking somewhere and drop something and then BOOM…a gentlemen may reach down and pick it up for her. You just never know. So, ideas are always swirling in my head for future reference=0) I’m sure you are wondering what all my thoughts on hair, sexy wedding dresses and shoes are. There are a lot of choices and so I just think it’s my responsibility to keep her up to date whenever she may happen to ask for my opinion. YES…I won’t present anything before being asked=0) I SWEAR. I HAVE thought of short bridesmaid dresses that she would just love to have us all wear. Again…it will just be a suggestion that I make. She won’t mind and don’t worry that she may think I’ve given it a little too much thought. We go WAY back to 7th grade. I mean, she has been dealing with me since my bad 80’s hair perms. Now, let me just tell you what I’ve been thinking about so far. She is very tall and has a gorgeous back. She is also gorgeous in front, but she has been known to wear open back dresses. I’m thinking that she has to show that off when she is wearing her lovely gown. She will look stunning and maybe she can have her hair with large curls. It would be more of a statement hairdo. Then she can wear a veil if she wants, but she won’t HAVE to. Hopefully she will like my ideas because I’ve really been giving it some thought for the last few….anyways that doesn’t really matter=0) Nails are super easy because anything looks good. Most people have very calm colors and I think that will look nice. Pastels are very pretty and they just about have every shade available. Now we are getting to the shoes! Okay, I am fully aware that most dresses cover your entire shoe. I still think the shoes should be as beautiful as the dress. Will it break the budget? Probably, BUT…it just has to be done. Just think of it that way. Just has to be done and then you won’t talk yourself out of getting the ones you REALLY love. I am the queen of talking myself out of stuff and so that is why I say this. So…now I think I’m ready for whenever love sweeps her off her feet. I mean…we can pull it together in like…30 days. I’m just sayin’. What are friends for…RIGHT?!