Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Smell the roses

Don't forget to smell the roses...
This summer is flying and I can't believe how quickly June left.
Seems like everyday we have been running around swimming the days away.
I'm not complaining...just shocked by it all. LOL.
Pretty soon BOTH...yes BOTH kids will be in school.
I'll be able to do my art FULL TIME.
YES, so contact me because I'm ready for all the work to just start flying in.
Right now I'm starting to design my new compacts. I have been working on some new sketches. Nothing is really flowing right now, but I did like one=0)

Hope you have a wonderful week and don't forget to stop and smell the roses.

My other job...
X-Mama, I can't believe we only have 20 days of summer vacation left.
Me-I know it. I'm pretty shocked.
X-We have to plan the rest out. Tio is coming to visit soon and then our big trip.
X-This is the best summer EVER. LIKE EVER. Are you listening?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bring the fun

Tomorrow is the 4th of July here in the states. 
Always a fun day to enjoy street fairs and I love all the spirit around town.
Flags EVERYWHERE...corn on the cob EVERYWHERE.
Fireworks are my favorite, so hopefully I won't be too sleepy by 9:00p.m.
Any super fun plans going on for you? 

Hope you all enjoy your day celebrating=0)

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My other job...
X-I can't wait to see the fireworks with dad again.
Me-I was thinking we could all go together this year. J is old enough to enjoy now.
X-Oh no....I don't think so. She won't like all the noise.
Me-We could at least try and see how it goes.
X-That's okay. Me and dad are fine going alone.
Me-I get the feeling you don't want us to go.
X-I just know it will be too loud.
Me-You were the same age the first time we took you.
X-Mama...everyone knows that boys just understand things WAY before girls.
Me-Say WHAT?