Thursday, April 29, 2010

Three little birds...........

Three little birds.....sat on my window....and they told me I don't need to worry......
Oh, I love that song by Corinne Bailey Rae(Put your records on).
I've had a sad week.  My "abuelita"(grandma) is ill.  She will be passing soon and I saw her more as a child, but as an adult......I guess I got busy.  This Sunday will be her 92nd birthday!!!  She has had quite a life, but I guess as I get older it seems like it's harder to see family pass.  I'm hoping to make the 5.5 hr drive to celebrate her last birthday with her this weekend, but I'm still in shock that it will be her last.  
Here is a photo of her and my grandfather and their first Papi.
So, I thought.....WHAT A GREAT PHOTO!!!!!  I really need to make a pendant for myself and my Primos(cousins).  And this is how I did it........
I scanned this lovely photo and got out my glass slides and glass cutter.
After that I cut the slides in half.  Now they measure 1.5"x1" and put them together with copper foil.
Time for my soldering iron, gel flux, and silvergleem solder.
VOILA!!!!  Here is Hermelinda in all her glory.  Isn't she gorgeous?  I left everything very rough, so it would look vintage.
I really like how the solder went all over the place.  Usually I'm such a perfectionist, so this was super fun.
I really love how they all turned out.  Hopefully my Primos will too, LOL!

A very long time ago...................
Abuelita-  What do you have on your teeth?
Me-OH, this is for my teeth.  My dentist told me to wear this.(I had aluminum foil on)LOL!
A-How long do you have to wear it for?
Me-Until my teeth are straight.
A-I can tell that they are getting better.
Me-It may take years!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My achy breaky back

Last night I finally just sat on the couch and did NADA!  Today I feel like a hunchback.  What in the world is that all about?  
Is my butterball finally killing me because she is 30+pounds?
Who could say no to picking her up?  Look at this cute little face looking up at me.  Ay yay yay!
WallE has been visiting all week and I have to pick him up when his wheels get too dirty.  Maybe I just need to start doing Pilates, LOL!

My other job.........
X-Do I get to go to Jamba Juice today?
Me-No.  You heard your teacher.  You must listen to her and today you did not.

ten minutes later(the crying has not

X-Okay, okay, okay, just take me to get frozen yogurt then.
Me-(in my head)  He just doesn't get it, LOL!

Monday, April 26, 2010

So sweet

Hola!  Happy Monday=0)  First of all I would like to thank my dear friend Flaviana!
She was SO SWEET to talk about my painting in her latest post!!  Muchas gracias!

Now I love to bake and I use to work at a bakery when I was a teenager, so I REALLY love the creations of my friend Charmaine at Casa de Cupcakes!
PLEASE check out her website, she is incredible.

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, little Miss Olivia!!!!!!  Isn't she just something else?
Everything is edible and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO me, LOL!

Doesn't this sushi look so delicious?  It's hard to believe it isn't REALLY sushi.

Just gorgeous work......I just love it so much and I love when I get invited to a party and she has made the cake!!!


Okay, so growing up I always had a favorite cake.  Yes, it was 4th grade and I had a Miss Piggy cake.  They had airbrushed her on the top and my favorite part was that they made her eye makeup purple(my favorite)and with GLITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just about died when my Mama took it out of the box.  Can you imagine if my Mama would of pulled out one of these babies?!!!

Have a sweet week mis amigas!!!

My other job.........
X-Bye Mama, I'm going to Africa.
Me-I'll miss you.
X-Hello Mrs. Carol.  My name is WallE and I'll be your guest tonight.
Me-Oh!  Hello, I hope you are hungry.  I'm almost finished making dinner.
X-Ummmmm, I don't know if you know that today is my birthday.
X-Yes, we need to have a party for me and we have butterfly cupcakes.
Me-You need to have dinner and then I'll put a candle on one of them.
X-On my planet we don't need dinner, just cupcakes.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Smell the flowers

Today was the big day, but I didn't get to take many photos....sorry 'bout that.  My guests began to arrive and then the chit chat and then the cake and the sweet tea.  I am really glad I took these photos at the beginning and that I remembered to pick the winners of my giveaway.  I thought it would be fun to write all the names on the bottom of the cupcakes and the first two names are the winners.  Fun right?
Can you smell the pretty flowers?  I really enjoyed talking with every one of my flowers that came to visit me today.  They really helped me celebrate my 1 year anniversary.....lots of giggles=0)

Lets all sing together.....  Isn't she lovely?  Isn't she beautiful?  Isn't she precious?  LOL!  Can you guys tell I had a lovely day?

Right about now I'm cracking my knuckles, so I can pick up cupcakes until I pick two winners.  Who will it be....who will it be.........No name.....I secretly hope it's someone nearby, so I can just drop it off, LOL!  JUST KIDDING!!!  This is taking a while since I have 8 names and 30 cupcakes, LOL!!!!
OMGoodness!!!!!!!!!!!  It's Frenchy!!!!  Congratulations sweet girl=0)  Please send me a private message with your information=0)  Go to and under CONTACT message me.  Now for the winner of my flat note cards..........
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!  The cards are going all the way to Italy, yipee Flaviana=0)  Please send me a private message with your information!  Congratulations girls.

Mother's Day brooches with Swarovski crystals.  I really think these are a lot of fun.
A few paintings and my felted belt buckle(SOLD)and crochet cuffs.
Original watercolors on display.  I just loved how these looked on these shutters.
I'm hoping you all are having a fun time this weekend.  Giggling with family and friends=0)

My other job............
X-Don't be late to class today.  I put signs on all the doors, so you don't get lost.  Room K9, with Mr.X.
Me-I have to be absent today.  I need to eat some dinner right now.
X-Do not be late.
Me-I didn't eat much during my hungry.
X-Room K9!
Me-After I eat.  I promise.
X-You are going to have to go to the director's office.
Me-After I eat.
X-We ate at the beach.  I'm not hungry at all!
Me-I wasn't with you, so I need to eat now.
X-Absent again, that's not good.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Stay calm

I must stay calm and carry on........  So many things to do today!!!!!  Stay calm, calm, calm.  Here are 5 painting I finished up last night.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!  I will post pictures of me picking the 2 winners of my giveaway!  There is still time to enter!!!  I'm going to pick the names at the EXTRAVAGANZA, so buena suerte=0)


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh sunny day

The work continues........very late into the night.  It has also been raining here...A LOT!  Luckily, it's suppose to stop soon=0)


I've got 4 more painting to do and a few more pieces of jewelry.

I need to take some more pictures of the pieces I finished last night and post them on Etsy, more work=0)

Then I can set everything up!  I hope I've got enough room for it all, LOL!  Saturday is suppose to be a VERY sunny day(*fingers crossed*).


My other job........
Me-Please go potty and brush your teeth.
Me-It's also time to read.
Me-OH, you need to put some socks on too.
Me-I'm really tired.....Could you please get ready for bed?
Me-In my head(when did he turn 15?)

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's almost SHOW TIME

I knew this week would come, but it seems like it's here too soon!  This will be a very busy week getting everything ready for the EXTRAVAGANZA!  
Here are my Cielo Azul anniversary bracelets!!!  I think they turned out super cute, but that's just me, LOl!  

 Here are a few of the necklaces and a bracelet.  I will be posting EVERYTHING this week on Etsy.....yes, a lot of work ahead of me still.  Everything will be RESERVED until Sunday morning, so make sure to take a peek.  I will post lots of pictures next week=0)  WISH ME LUCK!!!



My other job..........
X-Lets play tag.
Me-Okay, but we have been playing futbol for a long time.....I need a break!
X-Follow the leader?
Me-Okay, but then a break.
X-Duck, duck, goose?
Me-Okay, but then a break.
X-Alright....alright.....alright....I'll go get you a glass of water.  Sit right here and don't go anywhere until I come back.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring break and lots of fun

Spring break this year was two weeks long, GULP!  Well, the first week, my little man was with my parents.  He insisted that he would stay two weeks, but he suddenly got a case of homesickness.  So, we have been running around.......jump on!

                     Watercolor pencil class was first on the list.

Mr. Grouchy Pants/robot man was the first project.  It was a lot of fun before bedtime, but didn't last very long, LOL!

Next up......Balboa Park!  There are so many great things to do here, so brace yourself.  Lunch started with Jamba Juice and sandwiches, but somebody only ended up drinking their smoothie.  Yeah, lets just say I looked "second trimester" after eating BOTH lunches(burp!).  Lord forbid I throw one old school, LOL!

Outside the Fleet science museum we saw Navy joggers and I probably should of joined them.
Step right up and slowly spin the wheel.......  Lots of cool balls get released and you can only imagine the noise!!!  NONE!  I couldn't believe it.
Here are all the different patterns that waves can make.....I had no idea there could be so much going on.
Where the ball will end up....nobody knows!!!  It was fun moving the air tube below and watching the ball float around.
All the kids went absolutely crazy for this!!!  Imagine marbles and out of control kids throwing more and more in......super fun=0)
The next room was a building block room, but if they have a disco ball.........I NEED TO HAVE MY 40TH BIRTHDAY HERE!!!!!!!!!!  10 MORE MONTHS BABY, LOLLLLLLL!!!!!
                          So, the building began and so much concentration is required.
                                         Serious business is going on here.
                     I had a Brady Bunch moment here with my bracelet!!!!!
Stress.................................DO NOT KNOCK IT OVER!!!!!
Our feet during concentration, but mostly our cool shoes lighting up because we were so nervous.
No lights here, but still very nervous and my nose is getting itchy!

Yeah, we got kicked out(not really) and decided we would take you on a tour of this amazing park.  See the clock tower@12 o'clock.  
                                     X made a new friend right under my nose.  
                If I wasn't so full, I would of had a TAMALE, yumOH!
Lets make a wish for another great day like this......just the two of us on a date.
Now, lets see what is going on in the park.  Sooooo much to see and do.

Time to go home and make dinner.  Thank goodness for grandmothers watching my other monster.

Today we went to run a quick errand....BEFORE Legoland.....  URBAN BARN !!!!!!
I would of loved this for my garden, but X said it was "too many dollars, Papa will be mad".
I was looking for a mirror, book shelves, bench, shutters......the list goes on, but the EXTRAVAGANZA is a week away!!!!

                    I found everything I needed, but WANTED so much more!!!!!

Taaaahhhhh daaahhhhh....  That's all she wrote.

My other job........
X-When I'm alone with Papa, he lets me do whatever I want.
X-He lets me get milk and apple fries and nothing else.
Me-Well, you need to eat some lunch, before dessert.
X-Did you hear my words?