Thursday, December 30, 2010

In The Mix

Hola Sweet Cheeks!
How have your holidays been?
I have had a busy month, but mostly knitting. LOL! Seems like I never stop during this time of year. I finished my sweater and wore it on Christmas day. If you are curious what it looks like, you can visit my Facebook page and I have a snap shot of it. I haven't had a chance to take a proper photo...oops. I've mostly been trying to get organized for 2011!!!! Ay yay yay, I can't believe it. I've also been trying to get some new ideas for my 2011 jewelry. I've had sort of a creative block! I usually get my ideas during the early when I'm just waking up. There has been a problem with all that. I've been waking up late and the kids are already saying, "Mama!!!!!!!". SO, no ideas. Oy, it's quite a problem;o) I thought I'd post a couple of photos of projects that have popped in my coconut and I also wanted to let you all know I'm still here...just getting organized.

The long sleeve. I have VERY long arms! I don't know about you, but most of the time I'm trying to pull my sleeves down. I got a new zip up fuzzy jacket, but the sleeves are too short for me. It's not a problem anymoooooorrreee. I put these on first and then my jacket. It's a very toasty situation now=0)
100% Merino Wool
Wool made in Peru

In The Mix Bracelet
This project I started last night. I made every link first and then fired them together. I like the mix of links, but I still need to add maybe two more links. I also need to polish it. What do you think?
Fine Silver

Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments! They are always so fun to read=0) I will start using my camera again...I promise.



My other job.......
Me-How do you think you have been this year?
X-I don't know, but I'll find out on Christmas morning.
Me-Do you think you will get coal in your stocking?
X-We will see, but I think I will leave a lot of cookies for Santa.
Me-Hmmmmmm, maybe carrots for the reindeer?
X-Yeah..yeah...NO COAL FOR ME!

Monday, November 29, 2010

40 & Fabulous

Buenos dias!
I've been working on a new sketch.
One of my GREAT friends turned 40 and I wanted to make her a watercolor portrait.
I am just now starting to work on faces. I've always stayed away from them....very difficult to get everything just right. My art teacher would make me do three faces in a row and they would always looks SO different. We would burst out laughing, LOL! So, here we go!!!

The hardest part is getting the correct distance of eyes, nose, mouth. At least for me, lol.
Also, I've found the more I sketch shadows...the easier it is to paint and remember where darker paint should go. This way you don't keep working the same spot. Working the same spot leaves a "muddy" look. The muddy look makes me totally LOCA!!!!!

I first used pencil and watercolor pencils for the sketch. Now I added watercolor paint. Now, I like to let it dry before I make the final details.

Here she is!!
40 and fabulous=0)

Have a great week Sweet Cheeks=0)


My other job...........
Me-Buenos dias.
X-I'm still sleeping.
Me-Time to get dressed for school.
X-No tarea!(no homework!)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

HOLA Jack Frost!

Guess who stopped by last night?
Jack Frost!
My poor little flowers are in shock this morning, LOL!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was very exciting...with 9 kids running around, lol. I've finished a few other projects.

Felted bracelets. Add a little POP of color to any outfit.

Rainbow felted bag. Buyer gets to pic the handles. Plastic, suede, or felted.

Back side.

I am ready to put on a neck warmer and ear warmer and go on a looooonnnggg walk. I think I ate EVERYTHING hot in sight this Thanksgiving! LOL!



My other job.......
My husband-Where is X?
Me-In the back yard setting up a game.
My husband-Ohhhhh, I see him now.
Me-OMG! He's cutting down Pop pops lemon tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
X!!!!!! STOP!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bring on the holidays!

It's almost here mi cielo!
Are you ready? Me...not so much, lol. I've been knitting away, but I still have one more sleeve before I can finish my long sweater. I finished up a few fun projects that I've been working on.

BIG chunky scarf/shawl. You know me....LOVE the gold glitter=0)
I know I'm not in 4th grade, but I can't help it, lol.

Tiny sweater ornaments. If I don't sell them I will be forced to keep them!!!
That wouldn't be so bad, RIGHT?!

This strand of tiny stocking and felted balls is SO colorful.
On a tiny Christmas tree.


I'm wishing you all a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Squeeze your peeps and remember to stay positive. I always go right to my boom box....I mean i-pod.
Think of this.....
Black Eye Peas
Futuristic musically, powerful with energy
From the soul we sonically, sending positivity

Crossed the globe and seven seas, take care of our families
Rockin' shows makin' cheese, Imma be out with my Peas
Livin' life, feelin' free, that's how it's supposed to be
Come join my festivities, celebrate like Imma be

Imma be, Imma be, Imma be, Imma be
Imma be, Imma be, Imma be, Imma be
Imma be, Imma be, Imma be, Imma be



My other job.......
Me-WOW, I guess the tooth fairy will be coming tonight.
X-hehehehehehehehehheheheheeeeee.....I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOO RICH!!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm still here, there and everywhere!

HOLA Sweet Cheeks!
I can tell by visiting your blogs that everyone has been busy this Fall. I've had a lot of activities and projects I've been working on, so I've got a lot of photos to share.

My darling friend just had her 4th little one and I wanted to give her something special. This has quilted squares and 100% cotton knitted squares. I had a lot of fun printing these photos on material and adding them to the top.

FELIZ DIA DE LOS MUERTOS! I didn't grow up enjoying this holiday, but they celebrated it at X's school. We had a lot of fun celebrating and remembering our loved ones that have passed.

Pan de los muerto(day of the dead bread). We just painted dough with food coloring. X had a lot of fun=0)

This is the alter at school. The kids really loved and respected this area. You know how hard it can be to control all those little curious fingers.

Fun skull project at school.

Back at home we had fun painting our pumpkins.

We ended up with a VERY colorful pumpkin and a ghost pumpkin.

Yesterday, we spent the day in Capistrano.
First, we had to have a push up pop for extra energy;0)
Now for the Petting Zoo!
Pony ride time for Miss J.

Fun train ride too!

This was a lot of fun for all the kids. Playing in corn!

X was happy to play after he fed all the bunnies, then later the goats and sheep. I would of gotten some photos, but the animals were very hungry and would jump on you looking for food. It was VERY funny, but a little crazy too. LOL!

Here we are! It was warmer than I thought, but we had a lot of fun.
I really see that I need to work on my posture, LOL!

Now for the beach! We ended up going on a long walk on a trail to the pier.

It was a nice day, but then we still had to walk back to the car! LOL! Usually, I don't mind, but I was wearing leather boots. We made it back and I only had two blisters and possibly one corn on top of my baby pinky toe, lol.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner...can you believe it? I'm looking forward to a big HOT meal. We all have so much to be thankful for and a slice of pie will be nice too!

Wishing you all safe travels and lots of pumpkin pie(YUM!).


My other job.......
X-Can we go get a new Doodle Pad?
X-I have to get the one for BOYS only.
Me-They have one for everyone.
X-Girls too?
X-Hmmmm, I'm not sure I want it anymore. Lets just go look at it.....not really sure about it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

You've only got two hands

Today I looked at my hands!
Every day...they work so hard and do they ever get a thank you?
I'm always just trying to figure out a way to make them work harder. Why do we do this to ourselves? Am I the only one...I really don't think so.
I've noticed that since I'm not in the "business world" anymore, I've never worked harder. I'm so thankful that I get to raise my children myself, but WHEW, it's a lot of work. Of course, that is not all they do. The list could go on and on, but I just wanted to thank my little fingers today. I wanted to forever remember them and be thankful that I have all ten.
I also wanted to remind myself...YOU'VE ONLY GOT TWO!

11X18 Pencil & Watercolor Pencils
Sorry, I wasn't able to scan the whole image.

Remember what your Mama told you=0)


My other job.....
Me-Lets go this way.
X-I really want to go to the play ground.
Me-I thought you wanted to stop by the library?
X-I do.
Me-Okay, lets go this way.
X-Can I go to the play ground?
X-Play ground?
Me-Okay, but we won't have enough time for the library.
X-I want to go to the library!
Me-Okay, lets go this way.
X-Can I PLEASE go to the play ground?
Me-(in my head)What is happening?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enjoying the season

I hope you are enjoying the season. We are having a wonderful fall and we are trying to squeeze everything in, LOL! Who doesn't think going to a pumpkin patch will get you right into the mood? This was really fun and J took a wonderful nap after(yay for me!).

Mickey & Minnie.....what?!!! What a pleasant surprise.

How many stamps stations can we find? OHHHH, you can only imagine how much black ink I had all over both my hands....J still needs to work on stamping ON the actual paper, lol.

Bouncy hay ride...just what the back doctor ordered=0)

Super fun, but X was wondering why all the sunflowers weren't facing the sun. You have gotta love that one.

She found the perfect can someone pick this up?!

My in laws came to visit and guess who wanted to just cuddle and cuddle and cuddle with Pop POP! I just had to throw that cute picture in=0)

Here is the picture of the Fall project all my little artists finished.

Here is what we worked on today. They are stained glass coloring book pages. We first used markers and then crayons and finally paint/glitter. The kids had a lot of fun and now we just need to tape them to the window and WOW!!!
Hope you all are having a wonderful week!




X-Look at my tooth!(First loose tooth)
Me-WOW! It's about to fall out. Maybe you should stop wiggling it. I don't want it to fall out here.
My husband-Yeah, we can pull it out when we get home.

Monday, October 4, 2010

118* degrees won't stop me

It's been Africa hot and guess who has been acting like it's been just fine?
I've got things to do! Is it really that dangerous to go jogging while there is thunder and lightning? COME ON! LOL. Don't worry...I survived=0)

I started the tree at school this week, yipee!
It's all made out of craft paper. They sell it at Michael's by the roll. This took up almost the whole roll. There are several layers for the trunk, so it wouldn't look flat and boring. I twisted and stapled on the branches and also bought the same colored duct tape. Hopefully, it will still be standing in a week when we do the project, lol. I used the tape to secure the top branches to the ceiling(*fingers crossed*).

I then painted using your basic brown paint and black paint. I put a layer of black in all the cracks first and then went over the whole trunk with a basic brown and occasionally adding a little black to it. I also mixed in some gold glitter...for the sparkle effect.

And for the SUPER cute owl is playing peek a boo.
Look at that little face!
So, the kids will be drawing two leaves and then coloring them with two colors that compliment each other.
Sorry, I'm a little excited about this, lol.

Here is the color wheel I will show case you are wondering what I'm talking about.
Red compliments green.
Orange compliments blue.
Purple compliments yellow.

The leafs are going to look so colorful=0)

OH, it's been so hot and who is knitting still?
Yep, me.
It's an illness, lol.
This blue baby is Boston bound! Just in know how crazy cold it gets there.

And I also finished this multi-colored fall neck warmer. The color is just lovely.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Stay safe and squeeze your peeps=0)



My other job......
X-I wanna play legos with you.
Me-Ok, what should we make.
X-I started this football field, so we just need to find the players.
Me-What about the bleachers and people sitting on them.
X-Ahhhh....if you want.
X-What are you doing?
Me-Making the people.
X-Wrong, wrong, wrong. (He's taking them apart and changing heads and body parts)
Me-Okay, I'll start the bleachers. How's this?
X-Find(this is how he says Fine), but I think it's wrong too. You can still use it, but why don't you just watch me and see what it really should look like.
Me-Why don't you make it the way you want to and I'll make things how I want to.
X-Find(this is how he says Fine) keep doing things the wrong way, ugh.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Spice it up!

I'm SO sweet on Fall=0)
I LOVE this time of year. Could it be because it's so colorful? Is it because I really want to wear boots again? LOL!

Here is a new necklace with three watercolor charms. There is Coral, Agate, glass, ceramic, and I used copper and brass chain.

I'm excited to wear this sweater I made about 5yrs ago. I can smell Fall in the air!

I just love these glass belt buckles I bought on Etsy. I bought these last year and I just love them so much!

I've been knitting, knitting, knitting! I just finished this CHUNKY neck warmer. Would it be wrong to just keep this one for myself? LOL! I don't think my accountant would understand, LOL!

Add an extra flower for a little POP!

Beside knitting, I've been volunteering at my son's school. Guess who is teaching art? First graders + art= A LOT of fun.
My next project with them is going to be painting fall leaves! I'm going to explain to them what colors compliment each other and we will study the color wheel. Each child will then draw three leaves and color them using two colors that compliment each other. I'm going to built a LARGE tree made out of brown paper and guess where all the leaves will go. We will put some on the tree and some will look like they are swirling around the room! I even got a super cute owl to hide in the tree=0) I'm having a lot of fun teaching!

Have a WONDERFUL week and enjoy something with pumpkin!
It will jump start your Fall.



My other job.......
X-I don't feel very good.
Me-What's wrong?
X-If I shake my head REALLY head hurts.