Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer...summer..summer time

Have you been enjoying the summer break?
These last few months have just flown by and now it's getting really warm. The little ones have kept me on my can imagine what they look like. Santa Maria! I need a pedi STAT!

So, I've been busy with custom orders this summer! I thought I'd show you a few=0)
I have a collection of sea glass that I've been collecting for years and I thought it would be fun to use a few pieces.
This hermosa(beautiful)sterling silver necklace just reminds me of the ocean side. Sterling silver hand stamped with texture work on edges, it just looks gorgeous in person. The whole pendant measures 1.5" x 1". A piece of sea glass that is wrapped behind name plate brings this unique piece to life! Plus three pearls add a little more color.

This one was a custom order.

This next one is for a blushing bride! I loved making this for her=0) She is getting married on the beach. I scribbled up a quick sketch for her and she loved my design. I just can't wait until she shows me a photo of her big day!

I've been working on a lot of custom rings too! These stacks are a lot of fun. Or maybe I just love using my hammer a little too much. I make these all by hand and polish them so they sparkle. I've gotten lots of positive feedback on these. I just sent out a set to Australia...can't wait for her to receive them!

I finally got my studio together!!!! Yes...SAY WHAT???!!!! I've been working in the kitchen all this time. Yep. Coo cooo for coco puffs! I finally got my creative space together. And boy do I need A LOT of lights up in here. I was out of my head trying to get everything figured out. FINALLY!

My space. YEP...door and lock required=0) A big comfy couch too for my knitting. I really don't need to leave...ever. OH yeah, people have got to eat around here. Guess I still gotta fix the meals and wash the dishes. LOL!

Sorry for the bad photo quality=0( My husband used his phone to take this and I just had to show you. His MAD EYE MOODY face just makes me laugh out loud. I promise he was excited when he left the house. Here he is with his teacher=0)

Super Mario family party was a hit. Pheeeewww.

I made these mustaches for the kids, but they were over it in 2.5 seconds. I was really enjoying this look and totally respect the CHP for rockin' this look. I was just sweating bullets wearing my Luigi 'stache. However...couldn't take it off.

Even my parents wore them, LOL! X isn't too sure about all this, but the kids got a good laugh watching us=0)

Pinata Time!
Yes, I got to work the rope this year!!

GO X!! was a bit much=0)


My other job.......
X-Today is my birthday!!!
X-Did you prepare everything?
Me-Yes, but I won't decorate until you are at school.
X-Did you prepare a birthday breakfast?
Me-Yes, get dressed and brush your teeth!
X-A perfect birthday breakfast should be in bed.
Me-Ummmmmm. I guess I didn't plan everything.
X-I just wish you could do a better job Mama.