Thursday, January 28, 2010

New romantic pieces

I went to the bead store, so proud of myself!  I was able to focus and come out of there with everything I needed.  Yes, I had a baby with me and yes......she can be a little noisy.  Where could she get that from?  Yep, her brother or her father=0)

I'll be starting my painting tonight for these pieces, so check back in about a week.  I promise they will be flirty and fun.

My other job.....
X, "Mama....tell me a joke"
Me, "I can't think of one right now.....I need to finish taking a shower"
X, "So, you don't know one?"
Me, "I will by the time I eat breakfast"
X, "That's too bad you don't know anything.  I'll go ask my Dad....he knows EVERYTHING, ugh!"
Me, "Sounds good"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just living the dream......

Okay, okay......I know I've been doing too much knitting lately.  People are starting to ask me where are the winter jewelry pieces I promised.  I swear the poncho is the last piece in the knitting department and I know I got carried away.  People were just so pumped up about it, so I'd have to make another one......then just one more......OH! and then just one more for so and so. So, now I've got to make a trip to the bead store this week and pick out some chain and start working on those winter pieces.  I've got a lot of ideas, but still need a little fire under my butt.  I promise it will get done soon enough.  I hope they were worth the wait=0)

My other job....
 Mr.T, "Xavier..swim" X, "how far?" Mr.T, "no talking....swim" X, "I don't think I can do it!" Mr.T, "no" X, "how many more minutes?" Mr.T, "SWIM....NOW" X, "HOW MANY MORE MILES?" Mr. T after class.."C, these last two classes have had too much's a struggle..." In my head, "vaya con dios"

Toddler Spring Poncho

Just in time for spring!!!  Gorgeous spring poncho that is sure to get a few compliments=0)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My favorite piece

I thought I'd show off my favorite piece of jewelry that I made.  Sorry, it's SOLD!  I just love the color and the cactus flower original watercolor=0)

New neck warmer

Due to popular they are.  These handy little neck warmers will keep your neck toasty all winter long=0)  Forget about using a scarf!  Just throw one on and go.....that's it.