Monday, October 3, 2011

The Striving Artist

It's Fall y'all=0)
I've been knitting...knitting...knitting. I'm trying to beat the chill. My little kneedles have been banging away non stop. I've been trying to fill up my shop for fall and winter. Hmmm, easier said than done. I'm telling you! A house elf would be SO very handy. I can dream *sigh*. LOL

So, I have a little bit to show you and a little bit to tell you.
First is that I was contacted over the summer by a very lovely gal that was going to be opening up a new store. Did I want to sell my things there?! UUUHHHHH....... OH BOY. I'm not very good at selling my things and she wanted to see them in person. OKAY, the day of my appointment involved A LOT of sweat and jiggly knee caps=0) MINE!!!! LOL.

The Striving Artist has opened and the grand opening is coming up! I'm super excited and *fingers crossed*. If you are local in San Diego and would like to see my pieces in person or other artists wonderful work, you should stop on by.

The first event is....

Now for what I want to show you! Fall and winter knitting now.
Fun wash cloth. These are nice and thick and can take a licking=0P
They are made of 100% cotton.

Fingerless gloves.
I love these because they fit most and are great for friends and family with arthritis.
You can use these around town or to garden.
100% Super soft acrylic
Machine washable and dry.
Black...gray...powder blue.

Gray, powder blue, orange and yellow.

Aqua, green, orange and pink.

Large dish towel.
Aqua, purple, pink and green.

Knitted hat with a fun design.

I love all these colors.

Now I'm working on these long fingerless gloves.
So do you feel nice and toasty now?
HA! It should be a warm winter now;0)

Hope you enjoy lots of pumpkin spice coffee this fall. I've already started filling my mug up!


My other job.....
X- Okay, I think I know what I want to be for Halloween.
Me-Super Mario?
Me-Ummmmmmm. Princess Peach?
X-AHHHHHHHHH!!!! That is so ridiculous. Why do you say such ridiculous stuff?!!!!!