Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sweets with your sweets

I hope that you are all having a great day.
It's April fools day, but I have no tricks up my sleeve today...darn.
Instead...I have a new watercolor that I've been working on. I was on Pinterest and I saw the cutest little bakery cart/car. I knew that I had to paint it. I mean...who doesn't like baked goods? I used Canson paper and Sennelier paints. The paper is cold pressed, so you can see it has a bumpy texture to it. I love this look, but some people do not. You can always pick something hot pressed, so it's smooth. I like to use all types, but it can make things challenging to control. Experiment=have fun with it. This watercolor took me a few days. I like to take breaks away from what ever I'm working on, so I can see it differently every time. Sometimes when you stare at it too long you miss the details. 
It also gives you time to have a lot of fun in your sketch book. I love to go back and forth. You can imagine how many flowers and butterflies are in my sketch book=0)

I hope you go enjoy a croissant outside today.
They are ZERO calories today.


My other job....
Me-It's Spring break. What do you want to do today?
X-Uhhhh....something fun. VIDEO GAMES.
Me- O  U  T  S  I  D  E
X-Don't make me go to Balboa Park again...PLEASE.
Me-Hahahaha...wanna just get in the car and see what we bump into?
X-That is just WAY too dangerous.