Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The madness!!! And did I mention it's been a busy week?


Whoa!!!  What a busy week.  I've been knitting non stop, LOL!  I know I promised to knit a little bit less and make more jewelry, but the ear warmer thing happened.....then two more orders for neck warmers......then another order for two hats.  OH, and of course I made the giveaway coin purse and made another one for my Facebook winner, LOL!  I think I'm out of control this week.  Tomorrow I'm shipping out my final order, since I will be getting a call about making a custom order piece of jewelry.  I don't think I'm really complaining, but I do have a twitchy eye thing going on, LOL!  Maybe I need a better multi-vitamin?

My other job.........
Me-Good morning(kiss, kiss, kiss)
X-Mama............I'm SO sick............I can't go to school today.
Me-Hmmmmm, you don't feel warm.  What's bothering you?
X-I have a really bad cough(fake cough).
Me-Well, let me see your big toe?
Me-See?  Looks fine, you are not sick at all.
X-Okay....I'm a little nervous about this new class that starts today.  I have to leave the classroom and I hate it already!
Me-Well, what's it for?  
X-Ummmm............don't know, but I hate it already.
Me-Well, I was going to take you to Jamba Juice after school.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My #1 fan has won my giveaway=0)
Congrats Jen!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cielo Azul MVP

I was thinking of having a fun giveaway for my P's that make someone's "cielo azul".  You do nice stuff for people during the day and people still do some very interesting things.  It amazes me how most people don't smile very much, SO IT'S PAY BACK TIME!!!!  This little coin purse is really super cute and it may make your "cielo azul", LOL!  

I only have one friend on this blog, LOL!  Lucky for me I have 117 on Facebook=0)

My other job.........
Me-Remember the rules when we go into the yarn store? an angel?  I'm ALWAYS an angel.
Me-Ummmm, LOL!
X-I'm telling Dad on you!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

That's cute!

I love going on a walk in the morning, but during the winter I'm kinda wimpy........  I live in California, but my little ears can't take the chilly morning air.  So, I would wear a knitted hat, but I got a whole lotta hair and then I'm fussing with the hat the whole time.  I ended up making this head band/ear warmer and I got so many compliments when I decided to wear it to coffee/lunch after my walk.  I ended up making another one to sell, since I had just enough yarn for one more.  I also used a semi-precious agate stone to hold ends together.  I could of used a button, but I always have to throw in a little something special=0)

My other job........
X-I think we need to go to Disneyland for 7 hours today.
Me-Well, we are all sick......How is that going to work?
X-I feel great!
Me-Really?  I think I need to feel great too and I feel yucky.
X-Too bad for you!!!  

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

I had a super fun Seley Red Martini party=0)  I think we all had a little too much fun!

My other job.....
X-I'm going to get bendy straws and put them on your cake.
Me-That's a good idea, but we can't light them on fire and I think you won't have any left.
X-We just don't have enough candles.
Me-Let's just put one on top.
X-Mama.........we have to put 19!!!!
Me-Uhhhhhhh, I'm 39.........


I have finally finished my romantic winter pieces, just in time for Valentines Day!  I really love the way these two turned out.  The smokey quartz is so sparkly.....I love me some sparkle=0)  You can visit my shop on Etsy for full description.