Thursday, May 30, 2013


What is the cutest thing on the planet? Not a baby koala bear…and not even a baby giraffe.  How cute are little girls? Don’t you just love all the cute clothes available for them? They seem to always just steal our hearts without any notice. I’m really not sure how they even do it. One minute you are just walking along a path in a beautiful park and then…BOOM. You see a little girl skipping around and you can’t help but to just stop and smile. Little girls will get you EVERY time. Now if you don’t agree with me, just think about the last time you were at a wedding. Flower girls always seem to steal the show. Do not tell the bride that, but those little cuties always make me so happy. They just look so cute in their flower girl dresses. I just love when they sprinkle rose pedals all the way down the aisle before the bride makes her grand entrance. On occasion things don’t go as planned, but it doesn’t ever seem to really matter. You still see everyone smiling at the cuteness. As a little girl I was so happy to be in my uncle’s wedding. I don’t really remember too much of it, but I do remember taking pictures afterwards. We all went to a Japanese garden and there I remember sitting on a rock. LOL. It is fun to look at the picture that was taken of me. I guess I was pretty set on doing my own hair and my mom went along with it. WOW. Most flower girls have their hair perfectly combed. Usually, they have their hair done by a trained professional. LOL. OH…the big disco feathered hair that I thought looked fabulous is just too much. And believe me…I had my head held up high and I was so thrilled with it. My poor uncle’s bride did make a comment about not having my hair done, but my mom really wasn’t fazed by it. I was the third child, so my mom was pretty much an expert at rolling with the punches. I honestly think the fabulous dress saved the day=0) Now if you haven’t  tied the knot and you are going to have cute little flower girls, make sure their mothers are on the same page as you. If they are not…well I’m sure the flower girl dresses will save the day.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fancy Face

I'm back after a few days off up in the mountains. It was so nice to see so many beautiful trees and a sparkly lake. In the car I was reading the book FASHION DRAWING by John Hopkins. There are some pretty faces in that book, so of course I had to start my week with a fancy face.
 I really like her red lipstick=0)
 I highly recommend this book. There are a lot of different styles of drawing. I really feel that the more you look at the better. It helps you grow and understand that it's okay to try new things. I found mine at my local library, so you can always check it out there.

Hope you experiment today,

My other job...
X-I'm really happy today.
Me-This mountain air is wonderful. What was your favorite part of today?
X-I feel like I live with my grandparents=0)

Thursday, May 23, 2013


That time of year has arrived…wedding season. I'm a little, maybe A LOT excited about it. Not really because of all the mushy stuff. The love…the together forever…the sentimental vows. It's really just about being able to go try on cocktail dresses and possibly find a fabulous one. Yes…yes…yes… I know it's not about me. I'M NOT THE BLUSHING BRIDE. I shouldn't try and find a dress that is too flashy or too puffy or too LOOK AT ME EVERYONE. I still can't help being excited about the chiffon or the lace. Don't even get me started about what shoes I'm going to HAVE to buy to match. Yes, there is NO way I can wear an old pair that has been collecting dust in my closet. NO WAY. That would just be wrong and your shoes make or break the overall WOW factor. Again, I understand that it's not about me. I'm not the bride.  I swear I'll pick out a dress that is at least two levels of WOW below the bride.  Now there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to what type of dress you'll pick. Will the wedding be on the beach? Will it take place in a gorgeous country garden? Will it be in Las Vegas, Nevada and will an Elvis impersonator be there? There are so many great dresses out there. I can spend all day looking online at all the options available. There are so many color options and so many dress sizes now. That makes it WAY easier if you can find dresses that have plus size options too. There is nothing more frustrating than LOVING a dress and then you hear the tires screech because it's only available in smaller sizes. Now you can find A LOT more plus size cocktail dresses. So, no worries and you are now free to start searching. I think that if I was going to a wedding on the beach I'd be wearing a bright coral colored layered dress. I think that if I was attending a garden wedding I'd wear something that is a sweet A-line boatneck.. Now for a Las Vegas wedding you can pretty much pull out all the stops. Bring on the jeweled dresses. There are gorgeous dresses that have all type of embellishements on them. From the subtle to the blinding degree of bling, bling. If you'd rather not, but still want some bling there are some great shoes out there too. SO many options and hopefully the wedding invitations start rolling in any day, because I'd really love some new lovely dresses…AND SHOES!!!

Check your mail boxes today,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

See you on the SEA

It's almost here...I can smell it.
That wet sand between your toes is closer than you think. 
I'm already day dreaming about looking for shells and sea glass in Del Mar.
I can spend hours just running away from waves with my little ones. Screaming every time the waves splash us. We usually fall at least a couple of times. LOL...LOL...
I'm pretty jazzed about summer this year.
Don't ask me why, but I painted my toe nails already=0P

I started working on my summer pendants and I'm getting ready to seal them.
I thought I'd give you a peek at what they look like so far.
I'm getting all my fun semi-precious stones ready for the chains too.

They look so pretty in person. I signed them on the bottom right=0)
These are all original watercolor paintings.
They are on Aqvarelle Arches paper.
l'Aquarelle Sennelier watercolor paints.
I will post the finished necklaces next week, so please come visit me again.
Do you like them so far?

Have a great day,

My other job...
X-I don't want to pick up J.
Me-We gotta.
X-Just leave her there. She IS with your mother.
Me-I know, but this is the only time I can go get her.
X-UGH...Having a little sister is such a PAIN.
Me-I'm trying to drive, so please stop. Lets talk about something else.
X-UGH...I don't have ANYTHING to read. NOT EVEN A SNACK TO EAT.
Me-What is that you're looking at.
X-It doesn't count. I already read it before. UGH...

Monday, May 20, 2013


Here we are again...IT'S MONDAY.
I hope you all got a moment all to yourself to relax for at least 2.5 seconds.
I got to work on my girl this weekend and I think I'm pretty much done with her, BUT I may make a few final changes. I really like her=0)

I received my new pendants for my summer pieces this weekend. I'm SUPER excited about how cute they are. I've been looking at all kinds of photos to start my sketches. I've also been looking at pretty stones to add=0) Is there anything you'd like to see? 
Think SEA.


My other job...
X-I think I should of got the Rubik's 4x4 first. can always get it. The 5x5 looks so crazy hard to me, BUT fun.
X-Yeah, but I think that I'm getting better. I just think I will learn the combinations if I solve the 4x4 first.
X-Why don't you go ahead and buy it for me.
Me-I'll put it on your birthday list.
X-I'm not waiting that long. 
X-I had an AWESOME karate class will you buy it for me?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's in a sketch

HOLA sweet cheeks.
I've been sketching away on something new.
A new sketch that has taken MANY hours=0) 
I'm really trying to make sure that everything looks good. 
Usually, I spend more time painting. I started wondering what would happen if I spent more time on the sketch itself. Will it look different? Hmmmm....
Stay tuned....

Have a great day,

My other job...
X-You have to talk to my teacher about the merit badges.
Me-Merit badges?
X-YES. That I'm SO close to getting my NO KIDS MEAL badge.
X-I only have FIVE more adult meals at a restaurant.
Me-Hmmm...then what happens?
X-I get my badge.
X-We are going on a field trip and they are ordering EVERYONE kid's meals. I can't get one. I CAN'T.
Me-When is the field trip? 
X-In two weeks.
Me-If you get this....merit badge before then...THEN can you get a kid's meal?
X-NO...I hate kid's meals.
Me-None of this makes sense to me.
X-You have to email my teacher and ask her to order me an adult meal.
Me-Lets talk to dad about all this.
X-UGGHHHH.... I already told you that YOU'RE THE BOSS. Dad knows this already.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New paints

I have exciting news...I GOT NEW PAINTS.
Whenever anyone asks me what I'd like as a gift I pretty much ALWAYS ask for art supplies. Most of the time it's paper, but this time I said I'd like some new paints. The funny thing is...NOBODY ever gives me art supplies. LOL. LOL. LOL.
Well this broken record GOT NEW PAINTS.
I was so shocked and was dying to try these as soon as I opened them up.

I am LOVING these so much that I didn't want to go to bed once I started using them.

Have a great day.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013


I am so excited for my one day off this year=0)
I hope you all have something fantastic planned for Sunday.
I don't need diamonds....don't need handbags(but I wish)...don't need Jimmy Choo's.
YUP...'til like 10am.
That's my one big WANT.
I'm also not going to be the "go to" person. SAY WHA'''''
I'm going to just enjoy my WHOLE day. No lists, no preparing every meal, no NADA.
Wish me luck with all of that, but that's what I've been dreaming about=0P
SO...I thought I'd make a funny sketch for you all to laugh about.
It's called....A day living the dream.
I had a really fun time sketching this.

CHUCK that list on Sunday and recharge those batteries.

My other job....
Me-For Mother's Day I'm staying in bed.
X-I can't wait to make you breakfast.
Me-Maybe you can bring it to me around 10am
X-10AM...That's insane. 
Me-It's really not. It's wonderful and please keep my door closed.
X-I'm staying in bed with you.
J-Me too Mami.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


I'm sure most of you that have kids know it's teacher appreciation week.
This is a fun time for kids to spoil their teachers all week long with flowers and goodies.
Today we are giving his teacher things that she would need if she got stuck on a deserted island.
Since I couldn't send her a coconut full of Malibu, we sent her a journal...nice pen...pistacchios and a bookmark. Here is a peek at her bookmark with her favorite animal.
It's an Okapi. Half giraffe and half zebra.
On the back I put a quote.
"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"
~Dr. Seuss

Have a great day.

My other job....
X-Professor of the Rubik's cube 3x3 is ready to start class.
Me-Okay, I'm ready.
X-Lets just read the 7 step process to solve the cube.
Me- Okay.
X-(He's reading all the combinations on the instructions)
Me-I'm already confused. All the F this and U that and R rotations.
X-I can see that you are going to be something else.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Colors...colors everywhere

I finished my Thank you watercolor.
I started this watercolor thinking about flowers and rhinestones, but now I just see COLORS.
Anyone that has known me for years knows that I love purple. When I was growing up I'd always find a way to incorporate purple in my outfit=0) 
I must of looked crazy because my school uniform was navy and red=0/ worries...I didn't mind at all that purple never matched. 
I won't even tell you about my purple metallic socks. 
OH...I loved the 70's. that I'm older I'm really enjoying other colors too. 
I think that this new card shows that.
I'm excited to see how it looks when I get the finished product from the printers.

Have a COLORFUL day.

My other job....
X-Do you have any cash? I want to get some books at the book fair.
Me-I only have $20.00.
X-That's great.
Me-Since J is asleep I'm going to park the car in front by the library and wait for you there.
Me-I can drive you to the front. No...I'll just go from here(running away from car).
Me-J wake up sweetie.
J- Where is X?
Me-Lets go look for him in the library. They're having a book fair.
J-Can I get a book?
Me-Lets just find X first. I'm so worried.
J-Wow...look Mama.
Me-We have to find your brother first. 
J-But it has a Barbie bracelet.
Me-X....are you in here?
X-I'm over here Mama.
Me-I was so worried. 
X-Look at all my new books. did you have enough money?
X-Buy one get one FREE. Here's your change.
Me-Well...I'm broke.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Thank you notes

I'm super excited that it's Friday.
I'm working on a new card. I've had some requests for a thank you note. I thought I'd mash up a bunch of things and hopefully everyone will love it=0)
Gems+flowers=Thank you
I made a little VINE  (click on vine to see it).
Thumbs up or down? It's just at the starting stages, but I'm thinking it's looking pretty.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Maybe NOT

Hope you are having a fantastic week.
Today I was going through my sketch book. I found a sketch of the weekend we went to the butterfly exhibit. I was sketching my boy and his funny pose, BUT we also needed to make his teacher a birthday card. I added a few birthday items and thought he'd be thrilled...
He was like...just staring at it and then he looked at me(I had on a super duper smiley face).
No thanks mama.
I tried, but he wanted to make a comic for her.
What was I thinking?!!!! LOL.

Have a great day.

My other job...
X-LOOK at all these stars.
Me-WHOA, you had excellent behavior today.
X-Okay, so when E comes over we get to have computer time.
X-WHAT.  That was the DEAL.
Me-That was your deal. You know E doesn't get computer time. I'm sorry, but I have to respect her family rules.
X-UGHHHHH, but I'll do everything and E will just watch.
Me-Sorry. I know you want to show her your First in Math stuff, but the answer is still no.
X-What if she wears your eye cover and just listens to it?