Friday, January 6, 2012

Dashing through the WHOAAAAA.

Feliz ano nuevo.
Does anyone else feel like they are on the Polar Express?!
SANTA MARIA, time is just flying.
I'm hoping you all had a wonderful...well not too crazy holiday season. We have had a lot of fun running around, but I think I'm ready for things to slow down. Besides little people being under the weather and having to pay them pretty coins to take their medicine...things have been fun. X has been out of school for almost three weeks and so I'm pretty much...tired. LOL! J still would rather not use the potty, but HEY, whatcha gonna do? The great news is that I've had lots of ideas that POP into my head. Yes, I become like a mad scientist at night creating what I can. My nails are down to nubs, but it's not like anyone is looking. Right?! LOL. I say that about my gray hair too!

Okay, so I have been working on a few things. Annnnddd sometimes I don't get a chance to take photos before they sell. I THINK ABOUT IT. There's only so many photos I can take during the day with the chitlin's in full effect around me. First job Mama...till the sun goes down, then mad scientist. LOL. So, here are a few things I've been working on. Thumbs up, thumbs's all good.

Felted cups. Because those Werther's Originals gotta go somewhere.

XOXO, 'cause hatin' is no bueno.

I love the sterling silver with lavender pearls. It's a fun little choker=0)

Fine silver Tree

This is fun and each ball can be a member of the family. Or it can just be a mushroom too.

KNITTING. You know I never stop. I'm starting fun Winter/Spring projects.

Cream shawl. In case you are going out to the garden for a cup of tea=0P
This is silk and merino wool. I know it! I can't stay away from the expensive yarn.

Sterling silver & abalone. Perfect combo.

This is a choker too. I want to just keep it. Would it be wrong?
My accountant would say SO WRONG. OY!

I got to make a wedding band! I was thrilled to do this, but a little nerviosa. It turned out to be just what she wanted. Baby Jesus was working with me=0)

More knitting!

Snow flake original watercolor.

Bird soaring original watercolor necklace.

Poinsettia original watercolor bracelet.

I've been working on faces. They will not b r e a k me. LOL!

Fine silver hammered for a very kind teacher.

Original watercolor pendants. These are gold plated and measure 3/4x1 inch.

More faces. This is really how much gray hair I have under all this dye. LOL.

These are a set of BFF pendants. I really like how they turned out.
Hope she loves them=0)

M O R E knitting. Yes, I'm out of control. LOL.
I just love the colors of abalone and the yarn hypnotized me and I had to buy it.

Wishing you all the best for 2012!
This year I hope to be able to post more often...WISH ME LUCK!


My other job.......
X-Mama, can you give me a hair cut tonight?
X-I want you to cut it shorter than ever before.
Me-How short?
X-A buzz cut.
Me-Ohhhh....wellll...I'mmm not so sure I can do that? I think your head is going to be really cold or something.
X-BUT everybody at school says I look like a girl. UGH, makes me so mad!
Me-Remember what Luna Lovegood would do when kids made fun of her?
X-Just cut my hair already!!!!!