Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall is in the air.

It's finally starting to feel like summer around here! You are probably wondering why I'm mentioning fall....right?
I'm not LOCA Sweet Cheeks!
Fall is just around the corner and it is my favorite season. Yes, yes....all the COLORS.
It's also because so much is going on this week. I just wanted to give you a quick recap of what I've been working on.

First up.....
A quilted memory/photo blanket. I've got all the squares almost ready for the final stitching. They are all stuffed and now I just need to sew the open side. I think I might knit several chocolate squares, just to give a different texture. The photos have already been printed on material, but they will go on last. This is a gift, so that's why I'm not showing the pictures right now, LOL!

Up next....
I just finished a custom order for a sterling silver, double dangle glass necklace. It's about 17" around the neck, but the dangle part adds another 1.5". This is for a repeat client that always just lets me do whatever I want. Yes! She tells me what color she wants and then she lets me do AN Y T H I NG! Gloria Divina!
Hope she loves it!

And finally...
I've started the locura(craziness) of THE COWL/NECK WARMER.
Last Christmas I couldn't think of what to get my mother in law. We were on a tight budget, but I wanted to get her something nice and that she could REALLY use. So, this is what I came up with, but in bright orange! I used a silk/wool, that of course was the most expensive on the planet, LOL! I saw it and it was perfect. GULP.....when I looked at the price, but it had to be done(PUNTO!). That means PERIOD! Well, I posted the picture of me wearing it on my Cielo Azul Jewelry Facebook page. SANTA MARIA!!!!!!! I couldn't make those things fast enough. People just loved that you throw this perrito on and then run out the door. No need to tuck in a scarf and wrap it around your cabeza 20 times, LOL. So, this year....I'm hoping that I make enough for the Christmas season.

I better get back to knitting!

Hope you have a gorgeous week,


My other job.....
X-I'm so hot that my head is watery.
Me-Your body is trying to cool you off. It's called sweat.
X-What?! My body knows I'm hot?
Me-Yup, and when you get older you'll sweat all over the place.
X-You're joking right?(totally grossed out face)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hip, hip, hooray!!! I got a chance to write on my blog today=0)
Where has this month gone? OY! I can't believe it's the 19th. My family has needed me more than ever this month....so I've been a little LoooCCCAAA.
Thought I'd fill you in on the fun stuff, lol.

Who doesn't love celebrating a birthday Backyardigan style?
My little Pablo(X disguised).
Mi Papa is cracking up in the back ground, lol.

Teeth are going to start falling out left and right, lol!

Let's make sure that there are enough candles on the cake.

How did you know I wanted a Pillow Pet?!!!!
J is wondering where all her presents are, lol!

Now it's time for my little photo shoot! Guess who is next to have a birthday? I thought I'd take a few fun photos in the back yard.

Can I pleasssssse go back to playing with my street chalk?

Do you see all the pretty birdies?

Okay fine....CHEEEEESSEEE!!!

She is about to run away, lol!



Have a great weekend!


My other job...............
Me-How was school today?
Me-I know you don't get to play a lot during class anymore, but it's time to use your brain, lol!
X-I just know everything already, uggghhhh.
Me-OH! You start Hip hop class tomorrow!!!
X-I'm not going. I'm only going to break dancing class.
Me-What? D is going too.
X-I'll just show up for the championship.
Me-(In my head)What is up today, LOL!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Part deux!

I'm done!!!
I've got to go and do the CHA-CHA-CHA NOW=0)

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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Sweet Cheeks!!! I know! I promised to show my painting again. Here is Francey Pants! I worked on the walls a little bit, but there is still SO much work to do....yikes.
My last European painting took 4 months and it was a gift. I do not have a photo to show you(GULP!) I will get one the next time I go visit my friends and show you all. I think you will like it and ask me WHY I gave it away, LOL!!!! So, the next time I show you Francey Pants, she will be done....RIGHT?! LOL. Lets all start praying now.


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,


My other job........
Me-I'm going to miss you.
X-Can you text me tomorrow and tell me how much?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

70* and sunshine

Hola Sweet Cheeks!
Summer is almost over for us, so I just had to try my best to take some time off. I can't go lounge by the pool with two little ones, so I've been catching up on my reading at night. Don't fall out of your seats when I say that I haven't been working at night, LOL! SI, the jewelry has not been out....knitting kneedles are in their case....painting brushes are dry. I finished reading Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber and The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. I really enjoyed both books and it felt like I had some time away to just sit there=0)

So, back to being busy this week!
X is starting school this week and it's his birthday. We decided to have a day of fun in the sun to celebrate X's cumpleanos.

The day was gorgeous and there was so much fun stuff going on.

Tight rope anyone?

These little speed boats went about 1mph, LOL!

This was really fun to watch!

Once you let go....next thing you know you fall and fly up to the top.

This was our favorite. All my hair would fly everywhere and we were just spinning around.
So much fun!

This was black light mini golf!

I was target #1, LOL!

Here is our little protester. He was set on staying....until I mentioned ice cream=0)

This was a fun way to end the day! I love mint chocolate chip....how about you?



My other job.........
Papa- It's going to be high of 68* and cloudy at Legoland waterpark. It's been 77yrs since July in San Diego was this...COOL(he's reading the Union-Tribune). You see this little boy shivering at Legoland waterpark.
Me-Lets see what else we can do. The last time I was wet and freezing for 3hrs, brrrrr.
X-Okay, lets see what else we can do. Lets go to Disneyland!!!!
(5 minutes later)
Lets go to the fair!!!
Me-It's over, but there is one in O.C.
X-Lets go there!
Me-Do you want to check out Tom's Farm? There is a lot of fun stuff.
X- Definately not.
Me-Look at this park by the beach!!!!
X-T h a t is my final choice.