Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Spring!

Things are looking brighter...right?
Just when I think it's time for tea in the garden...hail is on its way! I'm hoping my baby tree will be okay. A mama can never relax=0)

I had a very busy start to this new year. Once I restocked The Striving Artist I picked up my paint brush to start a new painting. At the same time...I made a few knitted pieces of jewelry. These things just happen, but I'd love it if they could wait their turn. I always can't wait to finish! LOL!

Here is a fun girly tie.

It's made of Merino wool/silk. It's attached to a bronze colored chain.

In case you need a bow bracelet.

It's made of Merino wool/silk. Antique bronze double chain.

Here is the original watercolor! I had to take a quick photo of it before I delivered it.
It's a girl blowing glitter into the air. I got a little attached=0( After all those hours..."it's soooo hard to say goooooodddbyyyeeee."

I'm still meeting up with my girlfriends to knit and I made them these fun rings. I think they are super cute.

100% Merino wool/silk.

These original watercolor double mirror compacts were a lot of fun to make. These are also at The Striving Artist in North Park.

This is a quick photo I took of a super large sketch that I had made during art class many years ago. I didn't have anything to draw that day, so my teacher went outside and gave me a big branch!!!! I was so shocked, but I ended up loving to draw it=0) OOOOhhhhh, the simple things. LOL.

Here are original watercolor bobby pins for 2012. I made 100...yes, 100! Lets just say....I will never make that many at the same time again. Each one was hand painted one by one. It's quite a process, but I love the way they turned out! Some are in my shop and some are at The Striving Artist. If you live in San Diego and would like to see my pieces in person please check them out. They are located in North Park. The colors are always more brilliant in person=0)

Messy artist's palette.

Coffee mug.

Sleepy kitty.

Pink flower.

Dragon fly.

Lavender daisies.

Large sea conch.

Ball of yarn. Available in purple too.

Fluffy bunny.


I hope you all are ready to get your gardens full of flowers! If you could see my hands and nails!!!!!! I can't wait for everything to just grow and grow. I'm having a bit of a snail situation right now! LOL.


My other job...
X-I wish we could buy a house by the beach.
Me-I don't want to.
X-What?! Why not?
Me-If for some crazy reason we have a tsunami...we are the first ones in line. SO SCARY.
X-I know exactly what to do in this situation. You need to just jump on top of a moving structure. Like if there was a floating thing...some structure or item. I can't really think of what, but just jump on it and surf it. Yeah...JUST SURF IT.