Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Believe it...or NOT.

Is anyone out there?
How are you? I hope you are doing well=0) I've been splashing around in my watercolors, but haven't had much time to write about it=0/
Sorry 'bout that!
I have been thinking...about summer. She's right around the corner. I've noticed that as I get older...time moves at such a rapid pace. I'M EXHAUSTED=0) How does this happen? It was just Winter and the eggnog was flowing around here. Oh well...
What have you been up to? I've been painting a lot and reading a lot. I've also been cleaning up after little fingers, but before you know it...BOOM. They'll be all grown up. Off to somewhere...that's what I hear from my friends with an empty nest. So...back to summer. I'm thinking we should go somewhere tropical and run around a bit. Dip our toes somewhere and chill for a bit. Eat a bunch of smores and have some more until we can't take it anymore.=0) My son thinks we should drive across the whole country in a zig zag formation. Stopping at every Six Flags in sight. He's a dreamer like me...so lets DREAM. I think we should go somewhere tropical. Just sit around! I'm getting old...need to rest my joints=0P I'll need a hip replacement before I know it! 
LOL! My daughter thinks we should go to Disney....something...anything! I've noticed that my ears are more like satellite dishes these day. How did everything get so...LOUD. I feel like the grandma in Sixteen Candles. Complaining the phone ringing too late at night. So, somewhere quiet is what I'm thinking. If we snorkle...now that's super quiet=0)
What plans do you have? Anything in Nantucket? Carribean? I'd love a suggestion!

Have a great day!

My other job....
X-Lets just drive all the way to New Jersey. There's a Six Flags there.
Me-We should fly to New York...then get a rental car.
X-Yeah...we will get our moneys worth for our season pass.
Me-True, but it's so humid there.
X-It's going to be fun!
Me-Yep, but I can't go on the roller coasters. Dad's your go-to person for that.
X-I think I almost have J's vote for the trip. Can I count on your vote.
Me-Uumm...not just yet. I'm still dreaming about what I want to do. 
Me-It's going to be fun either way. Trust me=0)
X-Ugggg(eye rolls)