Sunday, October 24, 2010

You've only got two hands

Today I looked at my hands!
Every day...they work so hard and do they ever get a thank you?
I'm always just trying to figure out a way to make them work harder. Why do we do this to ourselves? Am I the only one...I really don't think so.
I've noticed that since I'm not in the "business world" anymore, I've never worked harder. I'm so thankful that I get to raise my children myself, but WHEW, it's a lot of work. Of course, that is not all they do. The list could go on and on, but I just wanted to thank my little fingers today. I wanted to forever remember them and be thankful that I have all ten.
I also wanted to remind myself...YOU'VE ONLY GOT TWO!

11X18 Pencil & Watercolor Pencils
Sorry, I wasn't able to scan the whole image.

Remember what your Mama told you=0)


My other job.....
Me-Lets go this way.
X-I really want to go to the play ground.
Me-I thought you wanted to stop by the library?
X-I do.
Me-Okay, lets go this way.
X-Can I go to the play ground?
X-Play ground?
Me-Okay, but we won't have enough time for the library.
X-I want to go to the library!
Me-Okay, lets go this way.
X-Can I PLEASE go to the play ground?
Me-(in my head)What is happening?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enjoying the season

I hope you are enjoying the season. We are having a wonderful fall and we are trying to squeeze everything in, LOL! Who doesn't think going to a pumpkin patch will get you right into the mood? This was really fun and J took a wonderful nap after(yay for me!).

Mickey & Minnie.....what?!!! What a pleasant surprise.

How many stamps stations can we find? OHHHH, you can only imagine how much black ink I had all over both my hands....J still needs to work on stamping ON the actual paper, lol.

Bouncy hay ride...just what the back doctor ordered=0)

Super fun, but X was wondering why all the sunflowers weren't facing the sun. You have gotta love that one.

She found the perfect can someone pick this up?!

My in laws came to visit and guess who wanted to just cuddle and cuddle and cuddle with Pop POP! I just had to throw that cute picture in=0)

Here is the picture of the Fall project all my little artists finished.

Here is what we worked on today. They are stained glass coloring book pages. We first used markers and then crayons and finally paint/glitter. The kids had a lot of fun and now we just need to tape them to the window and WOW!!!
Hope you all are having a wonderful week!




X-Look at my tooth!(First loose tooth)
Me-WOW! It's about to fall out. Maybe you should stop wiggling it. I don't want it to fall out here.
My husband-Yeah, we can pull it out when we get home.

Monday, October 4, 2010

118* degrees won't stop me

It's been Africa hot and guess who has been acting like it's been just fine?
I've got things to do! Is it really that dangerous to go jogging while there is thunder and lightning? COME ON! LOL. Don't worry...I survived=0)

I started the tree at school this week, yipee!
It's all made out of craft paper. They sell it at Michael's by the roll. This took up almost the whole roll. There are several layers for the trunk, so it wouldn't look flat and boring. I twisted and stapled on the branches and also bought the same colored duct tape. Hopefully, it will still be standing in a week when we do the project, lol. I used the tape to secure the top branches to the ceiling(*fingers crossed*).

I then painted using your basic brown paint and black paint. I put a layer of black in all the cracks first and then went over the whole trunk with a basic brown and occasionally adding a little black to it. I also mixed in some gold glitter...for the sparkle effect.

And for the SUPER cute owl is playing peek a boo.
Look at that little face!
So, the kids will be drawing two leaves and then coloring them with two colors that compliment each other.
Sorry, I'm a little excited about this, lol.

Here is the color wheel I will show case you are wondering what I'm talking about.
Red compliments green.
Orange compliments blue.
Purple compliments yellow.

The leafs are going to look so colorful=0)

OH, it's been so hot and who is knitting still?
Yep, me.
It's an illness, lol.
This blue baby is Boston bound! Just in know how crazy cold it gets there.

And I also finished this multi-colored fall neck warmer. The color is just lovely.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Stay safe and squeeze your peeps=0)



My other job......
X-I wanna play legos with you.
Me-Ok, what should we make.
X-I started this football field, so we just need to find the players.
Me-What about the bleachers and people sitting on them.
X-Ahhhh....if you want.
X-What are you doing?
Me-Making the people.
X-Wrong, wrong, wrong. (He's taking them apart and changing heads and body parts)
Me-Okay, I'll start the bleachers. How's this?
X-Find(this is how he says Fine), but I think it's wrong too. You can still use it, but why don't you just watch me and see what it really should look like.
Me-Why don't you make it the way you want to and I'll make things how I want to.
X-Find(this is how he says Fine) keep doing things the wrong way, ugh.