Thursday, January 28, 2010

New romantic pieces

I went to the bead store, so proud of myself!  I was able to focus and come out of there with everything I needed.  Yes, I had a baby with me and yes......she can be a little noisy.  Where could she get that from?  Yep, her brother or her father=0)

I'll be starting my painting tonight for these pieces, so check back in about a week.  I promise they will be flirty and fun.

My other job.....
X, "Mama....tell me a joke"
Me, "I can't think of one right now.....I need to finish taking a shower"
X, "So, you don't know one?"
Me, "I will by the time I eat breakfast"
X, "That's too bad you don't know anything.  I'll go ask my Dad....he knows EVERYTHING, ugh!"
Me, "Sounds good"

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