Sunday, August 1, 2010

70* and sunshine

Hola Sweet Cheeks!
Summer is almost over for us, so I just had to try my best to take some time off. I can't go lounge by the pool with two little ones, so I've been catching up on my reading at night. Don't fall out of your seats when I say that I haven't been working at night, LOL! SI, the jewelry has not been out....knitting kneedles are in their case....painting brushes are dry. I finished reading Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber and The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. I really enjoyed both books and it felt like I had some time away to just sit there=0)

So, back to being busy this week!
X is starting school this week and it's his birthday. We decided to have a day of fun in the sun to celebrate X's cumpleanos.

The day was gorgeous and there was so much fun stuff going on.

Tight rope anyone?

These little speed boats went about 1mph, LOL!

This was really fun to watch!

Once you let thing you know you fall and fly up to the top.

This was our favorite. All my hair would fly everywhere and we were just spinning around.
So much fun!

This was black light mini golf!

I was target #1, LOL!

Here is our little protester. He was set on staying....until I mentioned ice cream=0)

This was a fun way to end the day! I love mint chocolate about you?



My other job.........
Papa- It's going to be high of 68* and cloudy at Legoland waterpark. It's been 77yrs since July in San Diego was this...COOL(he's reading the Union-Tribune). You see this little boy shivering at Legoland waterpark.
Me-Lets see what else we can do. The last time I was wet and freezing for 3hrs, brrrrr.
X-Okay, lets see what else we can do. Lets go to Disneyland!!!!
(5 minutes later)
Lets go to the fair!!!
Me-It's over, but there is one in O.C.
X-Lets go there!
Me-Do you want to check out Tom's Farm? There is a lot of fun stuff.
X- Definately not.
Me-Look at this park by the beach!!!!
X-T h a t is my final choice.


  1. HAHAHA Looks like you had so much fun! Here in Utah it is so hot! SO hot that veggies are not growing....All my neighbors are complaining. Too hot at night for anything to grow...Yicks! I want a cool weather now :)
    BIG hugh

  2. That looks like fun and he sure is cute! Sounds like to me that you made some good choices this weekend! ;D

  3. what fun, these remind me of our vacation times in water parks during summer time...
    Happy monday!
    Happy August!


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  5. We used to call the "sitting" The Sitting Bull. Looks like your decision was the right one. So sad that school starts so early.

  6. Carol that looks like SO MUCH FUN! Love your photos! I'm so sad it's already AUGUST! ARGH!

    I received a blog award yesterday and I'd like to pass it on to you as well! I know everyone is busy so if you don't have time to do it that's fine I just wanted you to know that I HEART your blog! It's called A BLOG OF SUBSTANCE AWARD, and it's on my blog if you want to check it out!

  7. Your pics look great! Funny how kids never want to leave, but I'm sure he took a great nap afterwards, huh? :)

  8. Hi Carol,
    It looks like you had a blast, I know I would have.
    Oh and I too love mint chip ice cream its my favorite... Yummers

  9. Thank you Carol for your visit and I so enjoy your comments. You say I inspire you...Well girl you inspire me with all your beauties that you create :)
    We are in the dry heat and hating it! I do so much better in the winter. Although when I am at the beach throughout the year I love it. I don't mind that foggy cold damp ocean breeze.
    See you soon dear one :)

  10. Thank you all! This was really a fun day for all of us=0) This week is so busy with the start of school and X's birthday. I can't believe it's the beginning of the school year we go!



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