Thursday, February 18, 2010

That's cute!

I love going on a walk in the morning, but during the winter I'm kinda wimpy........  I live in California, but my little ears can't take the chilly morning air.  So, I would wear a knitted hat, but I got a whole lotta hair and then I'm fussing with the hat the whole time.  I ended up making this head band/ear warmer and I got so many compliments when I decided to wear it to coffee/lunch after my walk.  I ended up making another one to sell, since I had just enough yarn for one more.  I also used a semi-precious agate stone to hold ends together.  I could of used a button, but I always have to throw in a little something special=0)

My other job........
X-I think we need to go to Disneyland for 7 hours today.
Me-Well, we are all sick......How is that going to work?
X-I feel great!
Me-Really?  I think I need to feel great too and I feel yucky.
X-Too bad for you!!!  

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