Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My #1 fan has won my giveaway=0)
Congrats Jen!!!


  1. what??!! Really??!!!! I just linked to your giveaway in my blog today!! I'm so honored! I bet you'll have more visitors and entries!! I guess you'll have to make another, cuz that thing is MINE! I'm going to keep my raisins in it :)

  2. oooh and look~ My friend Natasha is following you now! She's the BEST!

  3. Isn't she lovely? Isn't she beautiful? Isn't she precious?
    She is on her way to you dear friend!!!!!! Your raisins will be....OH so happy(no chocolate on them)=0)
    p.s. YAY Natasha!!! You may be next=0)

  4. I'm going to make another one, so let me know if you want a chance to win one=0)

  5. Ooo yes please!

    I love your blog, 'my other job' makes me giggle!

    I totally luurrve knitting but I am only a novice. I started lessons when I was pregnant but have only done a couple of classes since my son was born. I actually signed up to restart the beginners class next month. I have a bag of unfinished projects in my knitting bag!

    Your jewellery is gorgeous, the hand painted water-colours are so unusual. What talents you have!

    I'm pleased to be your second follower and look forward to reading your next blogs.

  6. Thank you so much=0)

    I'm so glad you are getting back to the knitting! There is just so much gorgeous yarn out there. You must get to the bottom of that knitting bag!

    I'm so glad you are my #2 follower and I'm following you too=0) Us Mamas have got to stick together=0)

  7. I made another one!!!! I WILL ANNOUNCE THE WINNER IN ONE WEEK!

  8. Wow you are super quick with those needles! I will let you know how I get on with my knitting, when I start up again. Love the picture by the way. My little boy Archie is 2 and a half and is babbling away to me now, saying and repeating such funny things. That is why 'My other job' makes me laugh, I can see Archie and I having such conversations soon.

    Agreed about the Mama statement too, we do need to stick together , who knew it was going to be such a tough but wonderful job?!

  9. Thanks! I really like that photo too=0)

    It's pretty funny when they start talking. You want them to talk, but they just never really stop, LOL!


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