Saturday, May 15, 2010

A few favorites

Hola!  Hope you are having a super fun weekend=0)  I was going around my house cleaning and I kept seeing things that cracked me up, or that I just loved.  I thought I'd show you.....

Yes, this is in my laundry room and someone was pretty angry that I took his favorite Nemo underpants.  When folding clothes....who doesn't need to crack up?

T-rex right after dinner, LOL!

After I got back from my first trip to Europe, I just had to paint this acrylic painting.  It turned out to be a REALLY long, 8 piece project.  I'm pretty happy how all the colors turned out.

I found this sign and grabbed it so fast!  I dropped it twice on my way to pay for it, LOL!

I painted our side fence blue!  I love washing the dishes now.....REALLY, LOL!

X and I painted some ceramics, during his Spring break.  You saw his T-rex and here is my moon/sun.  I see this when I'm washing the dishes too=0)

This is my third baby.  He really needs a hair cut!  I don't know why this cracks me up so much.

I finished J-Dog's knitted top! 

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing a few of my favorite things around the house.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!


My other job..................
Me-Remember to listen to Mr.T during swim class.
X-I don't know why I have to go.  I'm an expert.
Me-R e a l l y ?
X-I even know how to do my shark problem.
Me-I think Mr.T can still give you some good advice.
X-He's always telling me what to do and I already know....I'm an expert.
Me-Bye, have a great class.
X-(walking away)  You should be the one going.  You never took a swim class, so you don't know anything about swimming..........


  1. Cutie, i can't leave a comment on your blog and can't find your Email address on my blog...Days are like that. Anyways it is restricted to blog members...Ok, i have to say, i go WOW at everything on your post today. LOVE your painting of the Eifell tower. WOW. Love the sign you dropped twice LOL.
    Love the Hairy child. LOL.
    Love the knit shirt!!!!
    Love your Blue Fence!!!!
    OMGoodness you are so awesome and i love your favorite things :)
    I have a give away on my blog but i just came to say hi and what you are doing. Talking about your painting this week :)

  2. Sorry guys, don't know why you can't leave comments!!! What in the world did I push, LOL!!! I think I fixed it, LOL!

    Have a great day=0)

  3. love the last item you made,
    what creative thing to do.
    Happy Sunday!

  4. The laundry one cracked me up! Your painting is amazing. Is that the Eiffel Tower? I am obsessed with Paris.

  5. Gracias! I'm glad you guys love the painting=0) From left to right
    (L) The Coliseum(Italy)
    The Eiffel Tower(France)
    Big Ben(London)
    Lynn, I'm obsessed with ALL things case you couldn't tell, LOL!

    Thank you Jingle=0)


  6. I love the laundry sign! Hilarious! I love the artwork you did--feel free to ship it to me! :) It's gorgeous! Okay, basically I loved every single thing you showed in this post!

  7. Hello gorgeous!!
    one thing's for sure: your house is a happy place :-)
    The laudry sign is awesome!! ahaha and the T-rex! When can I move in with you???
    P.S. I got your cards!!!! and I adore them!!!!!
    with all my love

  8. You my friend are on talented chic!!!!!!! I love everything.. especially the fence

  9. Hola Dulce Carol!!!! Every corner of your beautiful house is full of creativity and buena energia!! Love the beautiful shade of blue on your fence!!!!
    Have a nice day, muchos besitos!!!

  10. i LOVE the blue fence. i never would have thought to do that, but it is WAY cool.


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