Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The view, the rocks, and one BIG tear....but a good one...

Good morning sweet cheeks=0)
I have a few more photos from my field trip and I didn't want you to miss them.  

If only these were lower!!!  We could of dipped them in the chocolate fountain, yumOH!

I just loved the bamboo...they were SO BIG and tall.  They looked just lovely and maybe it will be my next watercolor, hmmmm?

Enjoy the view, ahhhhhhh.  This pond was just the perfect spot for a picnic.

These soaps were just gorgeous and smelled divine.

This week I received these in the mail!!!  I'm dreaming up my summer pieces and these bad boys are center stage.  My Mama is already trying to take over the situation, LOL!

I've been working on a custom spectacle chain order....almost complete.

I finished my Jenny from the block rock, LOL!  I wanted a family/gypsy look.  I just love that I can call it my ball 'n chain, LOL!

I am happy to announce that my big momma has a new home, but it was hard to say goodbye.....She is on her way to SPAIN!  SANTA MARIA!!!!  I had a REALLY hard time handing her over to the post woman.  If you saw the movie SPANGLISH, then you'll understand it when I say I cried one tear......but it was a good one.

My other job................
X, J, and I in the car.  I'm trying to sing............(The Script)Breakeven

Me-What am I suppose to do when I'm all choked up and you're okay.......
X-Why is this guy so sad?
Me-No it don't break even......
X-What is this about?
Me-I'll tell you when it's over...... I fall into pieeeeccceessss..........
X-Why did he say he's still alive, but barely breathing?
Me-What am I gonna do0000,  when the best part of me was always youuuuuu?
X-That part is about me right?
UGH, same old sad songs.......................


  1. Every time I come here I am always amazed at how talented you are. The pictures are beautiful and the jewelery gorgeous! That necklace is beautiful. I would of shed a tear too but how cool is is that it is going to Spain and the lucky person receiving it. Have a wondeful day!!

  2. Sorry I can't spell this morning. Please forgive me for all my errors on the previous comment!

  3. I am visiting from The Two Savvy Sisters and love your blog, you are so talented!! Can't wait to see more :)


  4. It's so absolutely beautiful there. I didn't realize bamboo was so tall! And your jewelry is stunning!

  5. Thank you guys so much for your sweet comments and spelling doesn't matter to me, LOL!

    It is so cool that my.....I mean her hydrangea necklace is going all the way to Spain. It was just SO hard to say goodbye(sniff, sniff). I guess I know now it was my favorite one and I know she will be taken care of=0)


  6. I love that song!!! Thanks for stopping by on FF! Beautiful stuff you have :)
    Heather @

  7. love the bamboos..
    fresh and peaceful photos.
    very uplifting post!

  8. Oh yes!!! I too would have a hard time saying goodbye!! So beautiful indeed!!! I miss SanDiego!!! We usually come every year in the summer! We came last Spring Break with the kids....not sure about this summer...getting busy with kid schedule already! At least I can visit through your blog! Have a great day!

  9. One day I will be able to sing in the car without being interviewed about EVERYTHING, LOL!!!

    Thank you all so much!

    Have a great night,


    Happy Monday!
    I enjoyed your company!


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