Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer carpet ride

This first week of summer has been....... BUSY!  GLORIA weeks to go!  Jump on our carpet ride through Disneyland.
Matterhorn is always first up=0)  We have  a special love for the yeti.

This boat is so huge!
Pirates of the Caribbean.  I never noticed this was even here, LOL!

I stopped and smelled the flowers.  Real ones and fake ones=0)

California Adventure!
They have such a pretty entrance to this restaurant.
Bugs land is so much fun.
Little cutie pies can cool off here.

A day of waiting in line wasn't so bad, LOL!
These jellyfish were so colorful and very fun.
I was so happy to see this=0)  It really made me smile.
This was such a pretty sight.
I have never noticed this before!  Look at all the fun stuff in here.

I will try my best to have some lovely posts a couple times a week.  Please forgive me if I get behind.  I will be back in full force in August!



My other job................
Me-Did you have fun today?
X-Actually.........I wish today was the first day of school.


  1. What a great day in Disneyland, Carol!!!!
    Your pequeñin is sooo lovely and adorable, so happy you had so much fun!!!
    I love the Gaudi-inspired, broken tiles wall mural, and the paint tube is fantastic!!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

  2. Oh!!!I forgot to tell you I am so happy you liked the photos of your-mine necklace ;)!!!!
    Muchos besoooos!!!!!!!!

  3. your boy is cute,
    your photo shots are colorful and pretty.

  4. Looks like so much fun! I like that some things stay the same over time!
    Thanks for stopping by my Pink Saturday!

  5. Carol, what a fun! Looks like you had such a gorgeous day in Disneyland!
    Loved your pics! Great shots!
    And your son is soo cute!

    Big hugs!
    Betty Manousos xx

    p.s. And Carol, I just loved your comments; you put a smile on my face hearing that about those little fingers.
    I love those magical, little fingers! LOL! x

  6. It looks like a wonderful day! So glad you had a good time!

  7. Okay, it's official. You're having a great time...see you sometime in August. Who can blame you. Smiles.



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