Monday, June 21, 2010

Heart of the ocean

Hola Sweet Cheeks! I've been away.......My Abuelita(grandmama)passed. I went up north to celebrate her life. So, I kissed the babes goodbye and met up with family and friends. I'm just so lucky that my Abuelita was around for 92 years.

I also met up with a great friend from high school. She wanted to learn to wire wrap a ring, so we visited her bead shop. There were so many lovely things, but I picked this stone. My husband called it, "heart of the ocean". LOL! This ring is going to remind me of my Abuelita. I'm so happy that she passed away with SO many loved ones around her.

When I returned home, we went to visit my in-laws to celebrate Father's Day and many birthdays. They had moved a year ago and have now moved back! Everyone really missed this house. This home was built in 1896!!!! I LOVE this house and all the details inside. So, I thought I'd show you a little bit of it=0)

A year ago, we all sat on these steps for one last picture......we thought, LOL!

I love all the plants and hydrangeas in the front yard.

I LOVE shutters.

DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS! Look at all this molding.

I really think this sunroom is so pretty.

Out back all the kids were having a fun time.


I was so sad when I thought I would never see this stove again. Isn't she gorgeous?!

My little cutie pie is happy to be back=0)

It has been a L O N G week. Adios Abuelita.....muchisimos besos. I keep a traveling journel/sketch book. I drew a tree at the church where Abuelita had her service. I drew it on a page that I had already written on........just wanted to see how it would look, LOL! It says, Went to JFK
sitting by "Greg Brady"
too funny.

Wishing you all a wonderful week. I'm going to try and put this little house back in order. No Mama for several days=super duper messy, LOL.



My other job......................
X-Mama.......we did so much fun stuff while you were gone.
X-I need to start a Twilight Zone collection.
Me-Hmmmmmmmmmm, sounds interesting.
X-OH yeah! Daddy said I can watch some Twilight Zone episodes! I can't wait!
Me-Are you sure?
X-Yes! I'm not scared of ANYTHING. Not ANYTHING.


  1. Sorry about the grandma..we have one too, my MIL is 97! I love this house, it is so beautiful. :D

  2. Oh I'm so so sorry about tu abuelita. Sounds like she lived a long good life. I love your beautiful ring, and the pictures of that gorgeous home!!

  3. Dear Carol
    I'm so sorry for your beloved Abuelita!! It's comforting to know she lived a happy and very long life , she will always live in your heart.
    I'm happy to hear you spent a lovely weekend,that house is brilliant, magazine-worthy,really!!
    much love to you
    xx Flaviana
    P.S. oooohh that ring is awesome!

  4. Carol, siento mucho lo de tu abuelita...Te mando un abrazo bien grande de todo corazon!!!
    Your in-laws house is amazing!!!!! You took fantastic photos of it, I specially love the sunroom...
    Your little cutie pie is a doll!!!
    I think you could do wonderful designs from your drawings on the sketchbook!!! This tree has something special...
    Muchoooos muchisimooos besos!!!

  5. I am sorry about your Abuelita. Sounds like she lived a long, wonderful life. That house is amazing!

  6. Hi Carol, so sorry for your Abuelita! Hope you're ok now.

    Your in-laws house is just stunning! I love everything, but especially the kitchen!

    A big hug!

  7. so sorry to hear about your Abuelita.
    That home is wonderful... so warm!

  8. I'm so sorry about your grandmother! Grandmothers really are the best--they leave a really big hole when they're gone. The ring is beautiful, and I'm sure it will be a lovely remembrance of her!

  9. That house is incredible! Sorry about your grandmother. You are in my thoughts!

  10. i'm so sorry about your abuelita. i'm so glad she was surrounded by family and lived a long full life.

  11. WOW What an amazing house! I am a new follower from Wobble Wed. I like your blog! I hope you will visit my blog and follow me. Check out all the giveaways while you are there. Have a great day! Heather

  12. Happy Welcome Wednesday!

  13. Stopping by to say hello with Welcome Wednesday. Hope you are having an amazing week! Would love to have you visit my blogs.

    Felissa (Davinia & Indiana too)

  14. Hi,

    so sorry to hear of your grandmother. I'm following you now from Welcome Wednesday (a bit belated lol). Please follow me back


  15. Are not our Grandmothers so very important in our lives! The love they give to us is truly like no other! What a blessing to have had her for so many years! I life well lived I am sure. God Bless you and your family!

  16. Hola dulce Carol!!! Hope you are feeling well, I have a little present on my blog for you, to say muchisimas gracias for all your support.
    Un beso enorme!!!!

  17. Carol, I have linked you up on Midchix! You are now in the Chicks Picks section! I hope it brings you some Link Love!

  18. I am sorry about your abuelita-sounds like she was very loved. I love your song-usually hate when sound starts emanating from my computer unbidden, but your music is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. Glad you have joined midchix! welcome- please join our latina flock! many thx to mama holli for letting us know about you!

  19. Happy 92 years to your lovely Abuelita. The heart of the ocean piece is amazing. I can see how it reminds you of your Abuelita.

    And wow that house and all the details are way too cool. I didn't that those existed outside of a magazine.

  20. love your new blog outfit...
    what artistic and fun post.


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