Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cha Cha Cha!

Hope you are all feeling well this morning. We are trying to figure out how this month has just flown by. LOL!

Feliz cumpleanos J! Look at her wanting to use the ice cream scooper for the cake, lol.

Banana and sprinkles, yumOH.

J started preschool. She is only there an hour/2 days a week, but here she goes!
My son cried and cried and cried, so I was a little nervous. Luckily, this was just the "getting to know you" visit. I stayed with her to take plenty of pictures and to make sure she didn't karate chop anyone, lol.

She loved going up these stairs. come hold my hand. She flew off the slide the first time...poor thing.

Running on the hay stacks was fun but....

these tubes were SO much fun for everyone.

HOLA! I'm J=0)

Shovels, sand, AND water?! A match made in heaven.
She did NOT want to ever leave this area.
It was a lot of fun trying to get her out of here.

On the inside...lots of friends to meet. So funny how they just ignore each other!

Can I play crayons with you? Yeah...okay....I'll just go ahead and help myself, lol.

It's all serious business when crayons are involved=0)

My art looks just like Mama's.

Hey T! These are so much fun.

MAMA!!!! Is it okay to play with all this rice? I really want to.

It's been a busy month, so I hope you all get a chance to recharge your matter where you are=0)

“Model of the Month” May 2009 Lana Grossa

I started a new sweater for myself! I've been wanting to make a long one for years. Yes, I'm a little loca! This is going to take 1400 yards of yarn. I found some wool/silk blend, yummy! It's super soft and light. The pattern has been challenging, so I've already re started it 5 times, but I'm moving along now(thank you JESUS).

Now if I could just use a magic wand to finish it NOW, lol.

Here is my latest custom order that I just finished. I used an aqua silk chord, so she can change the length. Chinese Azurite, glass, sterling silver, and one small crystal. I deliver it tomorrow...hope she LOVES it=0)

Have a COLORFUL week!



My other job....
X-Since I'm sick, can I just sleep in your room?
Me-How about we read in my room before bed.
X-Then I can sleep with you?
Me-I have to clean up, so I can't go to sleep yet.
X-Okay so....I can sleep in your bed?
Me-I won't be with you and Daddy will put you in your bed later.
X-This is going to be the best night ever. I never get to sleep with you and Daddy ALL NIGHT!


  1. Oh how cute is that little face. Did she get to sleep with you, hah.

  2. I love the necklace and the sweater is so pretty! She is such a cutie..good thing she didn't k. chop anyone! Good luck to her in school :D

  3. hey Carol!
    So wonderful that you have this creative time to share with your little one and she is a cutie pie. I love the picture of her laying down on the patio with chalk drawings.

    They grow so fast, tell that little beauty that I think she is a great artist!
    See you soon

  4. aaaaaah Carol!!!! Missed you so much! Your J is such a cutie, I can't resist her super concentrate little face when she's painting :-)))
    In the end did she get her ways and slept in your bed ????
    Hugs chica , wish you a terrific new week

  5. Hahahaaaa! These little ones are too funny. J did really well alone at karate chops=0)

    X was the one who was sick and wanted to sleep in our bed. I did let him believe he slept with me, until Daddy put him back in bed. The truth is I snuck out to clean the kitchen and put him back in his own bed when I was going to go to sleep. Tricky Mama=0)

    Have a great week,

  6. Oh your little J is a DOLL! I'm glad she liked school. The newest creation is just GORGEOUS, I'm sure the new owner will be ecstatic!

  7. Holaaa Carol guapisima!!! What a sweet and lovely post, artist mama and artist little J!! Love the pic you took with the big flower and your little cutie, looks like she is in a fairytale garden, two gorgeous flowers in the same pic!!

    Can´t wait to see the sweater finished!!

    Millones de besos y abrazos!!!!

  8. Wow! That sweater will be gorgeous. Love the pattern, but yeah, a bit difficult to manage. Can't wait to see final product.


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