Monday, September 27, 2010

Spice it up!

I'm SO sweet on Fall=0)
I LOVE this time of year. Could it be because it's so colorful? Is it because I really want to wear boots again? LOL!

Here is a new necklace with three watercolor charms. There is Coral, Agate, glass, ceramic, and I used copper and brass chain.

I'm excited to wear this sweater I made about 5yrs ago. I can smell Fall in the air!

I just love these glass belt buckles I bought on Etsy. I bought these last year and I just love them so much!

I've been knitting, knitting, knitting! I just finished this CHUNKY neck warmer. Would it be wrong to just keep this one for myself? LOL! I don't think my accountant would understand, LOL!

Add an extra flower for a little POP!

Beside knitting, I've been volunteering at my son's school. Guess who is teaching art? First graders + art= A LOT of fun.
My next project with them is going to be painting fall leaves! I'm going to explain to them what colors compliment each other and we will study the color wheel. Each child will then draw three leaves and color them using two colors that compliment each other. I'm going to built a LARGE tree made out of brown paper and guess where all the leaves will go. We will put some on the tree and some will look like they are swirling around the room! I even got a super cute owl to hide in the tree=0) I'm having a lot of fun teaching!

Have a WONDERFUL week and enjoy something with pumpkin!
It will jump start your Fall.



My other job.......
X-I don't feel very good.
Me-What's wrong?
X-If I shake my head REALLY head hurts.


  1. hey Carol
    Ooooh! wow the sweater you made, how fun is that.
    I need to make some ore orginal items :) but the time is always the trick to the daily madness.

    I love to paint those birds and all different yet so much the same. If I paint one flying they will say to me at my shop, I want those words with that still quiet bird. Then someone else will say can I have the fying bird with... sing and fly words. Si I do the same bird that I have done a million times for many years and no one feels left out that there friends sign is better then theres, you know how that goes right!!

    I am so excited for winter, I love what bloggers come up with in the winter, and all the Holiday hoop-la!!!
    I am excited to see your next art piece :) so go get busy girl!
    Thanks again for your visit!

  2. That is so neat that you are the art teacher! I too love to get out my warmer cloths...that first sweat shirt pulled over the head feels so good! ;D

  3. I am SOOO ready for fall. We just had our first 2 days of fallish weather, and I'm loving it. I really want to learn how to knit, specifically to make fun scarfy items. Your neck warmer is awesome!

  4. Carol guapisima!!! I´m sure you are a great art teacher!!! How lucky they are to have someone as creative and lovely as you to teach them art!!
    I can smell Fall in the air too thanks to your beautiful creations!!

    Have a wonderful day my sweet friend!!

  5. This is so much fun! being a Art teacher! The kids will love the tree.
    I love Fall too.
    Big hugs


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