Monday, November 29, 2010

40 & Fabulous

Buenos dias!
I've been working on a new sketch.
One of my GREAT friends turned 40 and I wanted to make her a watercolor portrait.
I am just now starting to work on faces. I've always stayed away from them....very difficult to get everything just right. My art teacher would make me do three faces in a row and they would always looks SO different. We would burst out laughing, LOL! So, here we go!!!

The hardest part is getting the correct distance of eyes, nose, mouth. At least for me, lol.
Also, I've found the more I sketch shadows...the easier it is to paint and remember where darker paint should go. This way you don't keep working the same spot. Working the same spot leaves a "muddy" look. The muddy look makes me totally LOCA!!!!!

I first used pencil and watercolor pencils for the sketch. Now I added watercolor paint. Now, I like to let it dry before I make the final details.

Here she is!!
40 and fabulous=0)

Have a great week Sweet Cheeks=0)


My other job...........
Me-Buenos dias.
X-I'm still sleeping.
Me-Time to get dressed for school.
X-No tarea!(no homework!)


  1. Very nice..I am sure she will love it! By the way...I love your nails (in the photo at the top of your blog).

  2. Beautiful! She will adore it!
    Have a happy day!
    MAma Holli

  3. Nice job dear
    I love LOVE working in watercolor
    I dont get to work with it very often because of all of my other classes I have to keep up with.
    BUT I graduate with my Bachelors Degreein Studio Art in EIGHT days, SO hope hope hopefully, I will be ale to do more work with watercolor


  4. Hi dulce Carol!!! Hey your friend looks gorgeous in your beautiful watercolor!!
    I totally agree with you, the most difficult part of a portrait is drawing the correct distance between eyes and nose!!!


  5. Love the impression this piece evokes.
    What a beautiful friend you are to your dear friend. So how does she like it? Carol its ok if the scale of eyes and nose are not quite right! I love art that is not quite scale, if makes me feel as if I found a great treasured piece of art from a French flea market :) My kind of find.

    Beautiful girl!
    Un Joyeux Noel

  6. Merry Christmas my friend! May God's blessing pour over you this Christmas!
    Love and Peace,

  7. HI sweet Friend! The picture is gorgeous!
    I just had to stop in and say Merry Christmas!!!
    I hope you are doing well!
    Stay warm!

  8. I don't know what she looks like in real life, but your portrait looks great. I'm sure she will love the gift.

  9. Ok, I'm just now catching up on all your latest entries, but this painting is totally gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Did you friend LOVE IT???!!!!! What a touching personal gift!!!!!!! You are the best!!

  10. She LOVED IT!!! Thank you all=0)



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