Saturday, November 27, 2010

HOLA Jack Frost!

Guess who stopped by last night?
Jack Frost!
My poor little flowers are in shock this morning, LOL!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was very exciting...with 9 kids running around, lol. I've finished a few other projects.

Felted bracelets. Add a little POP of color to any outfit.

Rainbow felted bag. Buyer gets to pic the handles. Plastic, suede, or felted.

Back side.

I am ready to put on a neck warmer and ear warmer and go on a looooonnnggg walk. I think I ate EVERYTHING hot in sight this Thanksgiving! LOL!



My other job.......
My husband-Where is X?
Me-In the back yard setting up a game.
My husband-Ohhhhh, I see him now.
Me-OMG! He's cutting down Pop pops lemon tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
X!!!!!! STOP!

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  1. Holaaa Carol!!! Brrrrr it´s so cold here as well!!!!! My poor flowers are...nowhere to be seen!!! I love your new designs, the felted bag is my favorite!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

    Besos y abrazos!!!!


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