Thursday, January 13, 2011

A whole year later.....

A whole year has gone by and I just realized it's my anniversary=0)
I guess I need to give something away, LOL!
First of all, I want to thank ALL my friends that leave comments. I know there are a lot of wonderful blogs that everyone loves to read. Leaving a comment takes your precious time and I just want to thank my regulars. It's been fun getting to know you and your families and your comments make me SO happy.

I'm going to give this lovely necklace away for my anniversary!
It has a tiny hand painted watercolor of a hydrangea. You just slide the painting through the big circle and it hangs down. It is made to be worn snug around your neck. The chain and pendant are copper. It's a one of a kind=0)

To enter you just need to follow my blog. I will announce the winner on February 1st.

I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing me in the zone, lol! My art teacher had this photo and I didn't even realize she had even taken it. CHI. It cracks me up=0)

Yesterday was my first day back my little artists! We had a three week break and they were ready for me. We started our mixed media project! I photo. I THOUGHT ABOUT IT....but it then slipped my mind, oy. They painted their 8x10 canvas...yes all 55 students! HIJOLE, I went to bed at 7:30p.m. last night and woke up at 6:30a.m. I know...I know...I owe you a photo=0)

Have a great weekend and BIENVENIDOS new amigos/amigas,


My other job..............
Me-How was school?!
X-Good.....well fine.....okay, I got a penny taken away.
Me-Did you forget to talk in Spanish?
X-NO! I forgot to push in my chair.
Me-Well, you still got two other pennies to save....good news right?
X-Can I have a NOT birthday and get presents today?


  1. Hi sweet Carol-
    Wow we both started at the same time!! Congrat's to you!
    I love coming to your blog and seeing all your talent! This second blog year lets promise to meet like you said for our glass of wine at the fabulous place!!!

  2. Congratulations on your One Year Anniversary! I love following your blog.

  3. I always love to see your beautiful creations...awesome! And I love to follow you ;D

  4. I am a new follower via My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia. I am so glad I came by. Happy Anniversary, I look forward following.

    Lisa xx

  5. Happy Anniversary dulce Carol!!!
    What a lovely giveaway, this necklace is so delicate and nice, I love the way you paint hydrangeas!!!
    And of course it´s always a pleasure following you!!!
    So happy you can enjoy volunteering with the little artists!!

    Muchos besitos y abrazos!!!!

  6. Hey Carol! Happy Anniversary!
    Wishing you much more happiness!!

    Already a follower and I'd love if you'd follow me back.

  7. Hi Carol,
    We go WAY BACK!! in this blogging world friendship :)

    Thank you girl for your beautiful visit to my place and your friendship.

    CONGRATS GIRL!! on your one year, I'm with girl I too am at my one year wow! we made it.

    Love that necklace, you know how I love your talent in your presious jewels :)

    Keep inspiring us dear one you rock!!

  8. Happy blogoversary! Mine was the 13th as well, but I forgot to do anything. Maybe I'll do a giveaway soon. I'm a happy follower of course!

  9. Can I have a not birthday and get presents, too? Maybe a little copper necklace....heehee

  10. I love your jewelry, so lovely.
    Lisa xx

  11. Thank you for coming by and leaving a lovely comment. Have a great week.

    Lisa xx

  12. Congrats !!!
    Count me in ! Lovely Necklace !
    Love reading about what is going on in your life :)


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