Friday, January 21, 2011

Ring in the new year

I thought I'd show you all my newest pieces. I just saw the movie Alice and Wonderland and I was inspired! All the colors just hypnotized me and Johnny Depp was such a great Mad Hatter. I also have been noticing cute puppies around town and other fun things. This year I wanted to make some yummy MAD tea party goodies. Maybe it will inspire you to host a silly tea party. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! LOL! I'm starting to think that I need to have my own very soon=0)

Look at these cute puppies!

A delicious truffle with a flower on top!

Wooden heart chair. I'm not sure what will happen if you sit here=0)

Who doesn't need a house elf?

Look at all this yarn! A great big skein will brighten up my day...any day.

Silly tea cups everywhere. Don't worry if you break one=0)

A delicious flaky croissant.

I love this one. Don't take a may shrink.

Not everyone drinks tea, but who can say no to hot chocolate with whip cream?
This fun ring is an original hand painted watercolor of a cup of hot chocolate with whip cream. It makes for a fun conversation piece and it may make you want to whip one up real quick=0)

I sealed the painting with resin to protect it from water.

I used Grumbacher Artists' Watercolors for these rings.

This ring is made of brass and black plating, nickel free, lead free
Ring is adjustable size7 3/4 ~ 9
Painting measures 25mm

Lets have a SILLY MAD TIME this year!



My other job......
X-When can I see Revenge of the Sith?
Me-I'm not sure. That movie is for older kids.
X-I'm not scared of A N Y T H I N G.
Me-I know, but they show things that you are not ready to see yet.


  1. Holaaaa Carol!!!
    Hey have I heard the words "silly tea party"?? Will you host one?? Am I invited?? Oh I so want to come!!! ;)
    Lovely little drawings my sweet friend, what a yummy ring you have designed!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


  2. Bravo, Bravo!!!
    Carol, you have a beautiful tea party! you get a standing Ovation from all of us!

    See you soon whimsical artist!!!


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