Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Love a Parade!

Buenos dias!
I'm hoping you are all doing well today. February 1st! I can't believe it...can you?
I have a few fun pictures to share with you all. Every year since 1890 they have a lovely Rose Parade in Los Angeles. Yes, THE Rose Parade! It has been a wonderful tradition for our family to watch it in person. My husbands family has been going to this parade for SO many years. I remember the first time I went as their guest...when we were dating. It seems like that was 30 yrs ago, LOL!!!!! I was just so thrilled to go and the whole experience was so wonderful. The floats in person are just...well GORGEOUS. To see them in person is something I think everyone should see at least once in your life. To read more about the history of The Rose Parade...it's pretty interesting to read the history of this big event.

Here is just a glimpse of the parade.

These horses are SO larger than life. They are absolutely gorgeous.

Look at this guy!

Pac Man fever!
X was thrilled to see this band. I love seeing all these bands that have worked so hard to make it to this event. They all have these great stories of ALL the things they had to over come to make it here. You can also see how thrilled they are to be here...FINALLY.

Here is Pac Man just before he popped up for everyone. Can you believe that this whole float is covered in flowers and seed?! It's incredible to imagine how many hours it took. There are people that volunteer EVERY year to do this. For some families it's a tradition to do this!

The best part is that it's a family tradition and look who is just amazed. We started taking X when he was 3yrs old. We were SO worried that he would want to leave after two minutes, lol. Once you get in your seat, it's difficult to get out quickly. So, when you have little ones it can be challenging. The first year...he was in a state of awe. The WHOLE two hours he did not move at ALL! We were so shocked and thrilled. He just knows that January 1st...we PARADE. Visit with family and this year he went to the Rose Bowl Game. I haven't been since I had J, but I think 2012 will be the first year for her. I REALLY MISS GOING, but I'm so happy that my boys have been going.

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  1. I love a parade. I dream of one day going to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The Rose parade has always intrigued me because of the incredible flower factor.

  2. Who doesn't love a parade? I love parades a lot, just a fun thing to do with the family! :D

  3. Hola dulce Carol!!!

    Oooohhhh what a great thing a parade is!! Until today I didn´t know what this word meant :)
    Thank you for sharing this family tradition with us, so happy you enjoyed the day so much!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

    Muchooos besos!!!!!

  4. Thank you Carol for your beautiful visits, what would I do without them :)

    Love parades.

    Blessings to you and your beauty

  5. Me, I won????How exciting is this, love love love the necklace...
    Now we must meet at the winery!
    I'll e-mail you :)


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