Sunday, September 15, 2013

Powder your nose

Are you all ready for Fall?
I know did this happen?
Summer is almost a wonderful memory and now we are getting ready to cool down.
I just finished my new compacts and they are available in my shop.
This year I kept seeing gorgeous sunflowers EVERYWHERE.
They are so beautiful and larger than life. Every time I see one it's like a ray of sun. They remind me to look at the bright side...always. I can't help but smile and buy more to give away to friends.
So, I thought these compacts would make great gifts. They are like little rays of light in your handbag. Hahahaa! I carefully placed each watercolor painting into each compact and sealed them with a glass like finish. Hope you like them as much as I do!


My other job....
X-Is the Spirit Store open yet.
Me-Hmmm...looks like they are still setting up, but almost.
X-Are you going to be too scared to go in again?
Me-Look...those scary evil babies were too much for me last time. EWWW.
X-How about if you just close your eyes and I'll tell you as soon as we pass them and then we can look around at all the other stuff.
Me-I know that you will take me right to those scary babies and laugh so hard when I freak out.
X-I promise mama. Trust me.
Me-Hmmmm...I'll think about it.
X-They're fake mama.
Me-They're still gross and evil.
X-UGHhhhh...I can tell that dad is going to have to take me.
Me-We'll see.

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