Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The RUSH...

How is it that it's almost Christmas? we have plenty of holiday cheer...
BUT...I haven't gone shopping yet. I KNOW...I've been trying to catch up with everything around here and still no shopping. I did try for like....40 minutes yesterday=0) It's just so hard when things are flying off the shelves. OH BOY.
Anyways, *fingers crossed* that I get it done by tomorrow. The little ones will be home after that and that's a WHOLE other conversation=0) LOL.
I have finished up all the gifts for our wonderful teachers. THAT'S GOOD. Yay!
I do know a lot of people who are already done with everything and are just sippin' and waitin'
I just wanted to wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
Hope it's stress;o) FREE and just full of JOY.



My other job....
X-Make sure my list stays safe.
Me-I put it right here with TONs of tape.
X-I honestly don't think I'll get number 1-5, but I had to put it on my list. think #11 may be under the tree?
X-Well yeah... and the ninja mask.
Me-Hmmm....It will be interesting to see. I'm sure it can't be wrapped. would be tough.'s an electric guitar...double necked.
Me- exactly....
Me-Oh nothing...HOPE YOU GET IT=0P

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  1. I just found your blog:) It' s cute:) Today on my blog, recap my illustrations from 2013. I invite and I greet:)


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