Friday, January 10, 2014

What's cook IN'

Happy New YEAR.
It's 2014...HOLY MOLY. How did we get here? LOL.
I'm wishing you all much LOVE and good health this year. I'm just barely recovering from all the holiday festivities and Usually I have two little helpers BUT, THEY'RE ON TO ME. Nobody wants to stick around for that long. HAhahahaa.
We were all so into FROZEN this year. The soundtrack is SO GOOD. Olaf the snowman stole my heart. The movie is SO wonderful.
Disney really did an excellent job and I can not wait until it comes out in dvd. We have already gone FOUR TIMES. There goes my Louis Vuitton wish jar. HA and WAHhhhhh.
I was inspired by all the singing and cooking in the kitchen.

Have a great day,

My other job....
X-Mama are you teaching art class tomorrow?
X-You sound just like Olaf.
X-What are we going to work on in class?
Me-It's a surprise.
X-Lets do faces.
Me-Ohhhh....well...that will probably happen towards the end of the year.
Me-It's more advanced and I need to get some of the kids more comfortable. Or at least not be as nervous to try it.
X-Like who?
Me-That's my personal private business=0)
X-I'm your assistant, so you can tell me AND I don't go around telling peoples personal private business.
Me-I appreciate that, but I'm going to keep it to myself. Now lets sing In summer by OLAF.
X-Jazz hands too.

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