Thursday, March 11, 2010

SALE going on!

Step right up......Step right up!!!  I've got my first SALE going on=0)  Most of my babies are on sale right now, so if you need to do any gift giving.......please take a peek.  All my pieces are original watercolors and most people love to receive unique pieces of jewelry.  All pieces come gift wrapped and I can ship directly if you like.  

My other job.......
X-Look at J's new sippy cup!
Me-Yes, she loves it already.  When you were her age you didn't like when it was time to change to a new sippy cup.
X-What would happen.'d cry and throw it at me, LOL!  She is SO funny with her new sippy.
X-(sniff..sniff...sniff)I wish I could be funny with a sippy........(sniff, tears, sniff)
Me-(In my head)It's just too early for this, lol.

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