Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring forward



            Original watercolor painting of two red poppy flowers.

I have been stocking up on new supplies for Spring and was able to make it out to my favorite store.  Imagine......aisles and aisles of semi-precious stones AND ME!  It really takes me about an hour and a half to go through it all.  I've got to let things swirl around in my head....colors....visions...etc.  I would of taken a picture, but you have to leave EVERYTHING in a locker as soon as your piggies cross the dotted line.  As soon as I walk in I get into the zone and please don't talk to me=0)  I'll be nice, but I need to focus.  Only God knows when I'll be able to be alone again, LOL!  Don't they look like they have little smiley faces all over them?  Okay, maybe it's just the reading glasses I need...
 Starting to work on two hand stamped sterling silver necklaces.  Only the "FLYEST CHICK" can wear this one....yeah, you know who you are.  I also have a lot of girlfriends that are all, "SUGAR & SPICE".  I can't wait to put these all together, but I'm waiting on the sterling chain I ordered.

                             Looking back on this winter.
My little man on a rainy day having a popsicle stick race with his Dad.  Sure glad they both made it back okay with no injuries.

 The snow man up at Lake Arrowhead.  Yes, he was out there all day and I was inside knitting all day=0)

                 WHO wouldn't want this family clock?  I'm trying to figure out how to inherit this!  Hmmmmm....any ideas?

My other job...........
Me-Thank you so much for helping me pull weeds all morning AND take care of your sister.  You earned $5.00!
X-WOW!!!  $500.00!!!  
Me-No.......$5.00, so we can put it in your bank.
X-I think I'm rich with $500.00.  Can I go and buy a Bionicle today?
Me-Well, lets count how much you have, 'cause it's NOT $500.00.  I think you might have enough to buy a small Bionicle.
X-Ohhhhhh, so no Scorpio?
Me-No, sorry.  It's like $60.00 for Scorpio, plus you have to be older.  
X-Okay, but I really wish you would give me $500.00.
X-Do you have a wallet?
X-  Mama!!!  I can't believe you actually have a wallet!!!  I thought only Dad had money.



  1. I heart that poppy painting!!!!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm going to be selling it at my extravaganza for only $20!!!! Call my loca, but it is an extravanganza=0)


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