Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bling it up!

Hey, Sweet Cheeks! First, I had to show you a custom order I just finished.
Fine Silver Starfish Ring.
Hope she LOVES it=0)

Now......I just had to make myself some dressed up flip flops this summer.
I picked up some flip flops and started looking through all my semi-precious stones.

Smokey quartz.
Lucidite, Aqua Marine chips, and I can't remember the name of the green one...OY! All I remember is the price....HIJOLE!

I wired them up and then hand stitched them on the flip flop.
Hope they stay on, LOL!!!

I'm ready to flippidy flop around town now=0)

Have a beachy week,


My other job..........
X-I can't wait to start 1st grade.
Me-I wonder which Maestra you will get?
X-A really nice one...I think so....Yeah, I really think so.
X-Do you really think so?


  1. Awesome jeweled flips. Puts me in the beach mood for sure. Happy week!

  2. So, so, so everything that you do! They looked even more adorable on your feet yesterday : )

  3. Very cute! You are talented for sure!!

    Thank you for coming by after my feature over at Shell's!!

  4. love your art,
    Happy Monday!

  5. Such fun! They look perfect for a day at the beach. I wish I were wearing them right now--and strolling some quaint beach town--rather than sitting in my office!

  6. Thank you Carol,
    Your so beautiful inside and out. Your visits are always welcomed. Carol love your creative art :)
    Keep inspiring us!

  7. Hola Carol guapisima!!
    I love flip flops, but sometimes I don´t feel comfortable wearing them if I am not on the beach, but the ones you have designed are just perfect!!! So stylish and chic!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  8. You won the Bubble Chocolate Giveaway at Fashion In The Forest! (

    Please email me your address to so I can send off your goodies!

  9. Please email me your address so I can send you your chocolate! :) thanks!

  10. i am in love with the starfish ring. great work!

  11. do you create these beautiful pieces?
    Do you melt the silver??? what do you do?
    Here's another question.....your in law's house...did they move away and sell the house then buy it back? or...did they rent it? I meant to ask is so beautiful and if they sold it and were able to buy it back would just amaze me!

  12. Thank you all for your comments. I really love reading them=0)

    Mama Holli, for the fine silver I use a torch...WATCH OUT!

    My in laws bought a smaller home and rented the larger home they raised 6 boys in(GULP! 6 BOYS!) Everyone is so happy they moved back in=0)

    Have a great night,

  13. Carol dearest!!
    ahhhh that ring is gorgeous.. and the flip flops are to die for.They're perfect for the beach, maybe Copacabana beach that is :D
    Argh, haven't got the bracelet yet, I'm chasing the postman around ahahahaha Can't wait to show it to the world!!
    hugs & kisses

  14. Carol, how could she not fall deeply madly in LOVE with that ring! It's stunning! I adore your blinged out flip'll be stylin'!

  15. Hi again!!! Can´t wait to see your new paintings Carol!!! Oh, and by the way I love your new header, and talking about your lovely creations, yours-mine necklace is so happy now that it´s summer, as it enjoys going for a walk and visiting the city so much ;)

    Muchooos besitos!!!

  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous , GORGEOUS!!! These are fabulous. What a brilliant idea!


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