Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fine Silver

Hola! Hope everyone is having a lovely week=0)
If you read my last post, I mentioned there was a sale on Monday at my favorite bead shop. Did I go that day???? Nope, LOL! I R E A L L Y wanted to, but......I have these little monsters that dominate my schedule. LOL! So, I went the next day and picked up some fine silver. I had a design in my head and I just had to make it, PRONTO. So, first I made the large link chain and J woke up from her nap early. Boo! I hardly ever work during the day, but this time I knew this necklace would take more time than usual.

I didn't polish the chain too much. I like it to look a little rough. My favorite thing about fine silver, is that it never turns black.

This means beautiful.
This chain measures about 20" in length and I also added a few inches of sterling silver chain. I added some fun detail to the edge of the tag.
There are aquamarine chips, crystals, and stone.

A little wishbone for good luck=0)

I had a little silver left, sooooo.....

I made a fun ring! What do you see?
A bird soaring?
A person diving off a cliff?
A wish bone?
A churro?

Wishing all my HERMOSA friends a gorgeous day,


My other job...........
X-Mama!!! I have to come back tomorrow!!!(Super Slimy Science Camp)
Me-Did you have fun today?
X-We are going to do an experiment with Coca-Cola tomorrow.
Me-You can come again tomorrow.
X-It's going to be Coca-Cola LOCURA!!!(Coca-Cola craziness)


  1. Los dos son hermosas. Estoy practicando mi espanol :) I especially love the ring...

  2. Now you're speaking to my heart. I love silver! You make beautiful jewelry.

    p.s. I hope I am headed in the right direction too with my job search.

  3. Holaaaa Carol!!! Love the word "hermosa" on the silver chain...I like the way it sounds, I´m sure it will bring very good vibes to this hermoso collar!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. I love the rough silver look also! Your 4th pics are so cute!

  5. HAHAHA Your kids are so cute with their fun water play!
    Love the jewelry! You are so talented! And Funny :)
    Hope you have a great week-end.


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