Sunday, July 18, 2010

Francey Pants

Hola mi Cielo! I hope you all had a lovely week. I've had a busy one and I finally decided that I needed to work on a new painting! Usually, I work on paintings that I can finish up in a night, but this time......I've got a serious situation, LOL! I've been dreaming of EuropA! HIJOLE! I've been looking through old photos and I came across one that I remember saying I was going to paint. One's going to take a while. Look at all those stones! Gorgeous. This was on a Sunday, in the South of France. One of my brother in laws lives there(LUCKY DUCKY). This was on the walk back from lunch.......YES......the walk back from lunch... to their house. So, I started running up the steps and it hit me!!!! STOP...GO BACK...TAKE PHOTO. LOL!!!

Take a minute to really look at EVERYTHING. The stones, bushes, the shutters....WOW! The only thing that is missing is the Nutella, LOL!

Here we go... First, I need to balance everything on my paper. I have made a few changes. Lets see if you notice=0)

Getting things done... day by day. You can only imagine how many hours I've been working on this, LOL.

My baby just took her first breath.
I started painting last night. How many different greens do you think I used? I started the wash on the bottom stones, but they will still need more. With watercolor.....there are MANY layers(lucky me). I paint....I wait....evaluate...and add more paint. I have no idea how long this painting will take, but I have to take my time. One day, I hope that they invent a watercolor eraser, LOL!

I hope you like my project. I will do a part DEUX, when I finish.
For now, think of me the next time you have a little Nutella=0)

Wishing you a gorgeous week,


My other job........
X-Can you give this paper to Mrs. Nancy across the street?
Me-I saw her leave, so I will give it to her later.
Me-Oh no.
X-We just have to cancel the whole thing, UGH....


  1. What a beautiful photo! Your painting will be AMAZING!!! I noticed the building in the forefront does not have bars on the windows. Anything else??? I can't wait to see part 2:)
    Happy Sunday

  2. Yeppers he is one luck duck to have that much beauty around him. I would love to live in the South of France, who wouldn't :(

    Carol The painting is going to be amazing whaen it is done, hope you post it :)

    See you soon girl :)

  3. Oh Carol all these stones!!! The painting looks maravilloso!!! I can imagine how many shades of green you have used to create these beautiful plants, they seem real but so delicate at the same time!!! I love the way you have played with white spaces ( so difficult!!) it´s simply perfect...

    Please show us the final result!!!


  4. Carol , no-one and I mean no-one can use colors like you do! If I like your project ?? Why are you even asking? I adore it! Oh dear.. all those stones.. but you can make it darling and it'll be simply awesome. Can't wait to see the part DEUX ...;-)

  5. This. Takes. My. Breath. AWAY! GORGEOUS CAROL! TRULY PHENOMENAL...I can't wait to see it complete~!

  6. Wow, this is amazing! The stones are gorgeous! Your painting is going to be so pretty! Have a wonderful week!

  7.'s going to be very beautiful..good luck, looks like a lot of work! ;D

  8. Ok, it's official. You are now the most talented person I know in blogland. Seriously. The painting is freakin' amazing. I can't wait to see part deux. And you can bet I will be thinking of you the next time I eat my Nutella. Call me the next time you head back over to your brother in law's place, okey dokey? :0)

  9. I want to see the part II ! This is beautiful! You are so talented!

  10. Hola girls!!!
    Yes, the metal bars are not there on the side of the building. I also made the hand rail have stones on top of it, since there just aren't enough stones in this picture, LOL! I also left out the green metal fence on the right side of the picture. I used five different colors of green!

    Thank you for your comments. You are all very sweet and I'll do part deux for sure=0)


  11. breathe taking images.
    have a smiling Thursday!

  12. Carol...oh CAROL...can we have a sneak of what you've accomplished on this AWESOME piece? Please. Pretty please? ;-)

  13. Robyn, you are so cute=0) I should have some more for you in a couple of days. Summer is just so busy with both kids at home! LOL!

    Have a great weekend,

  14. Thanks for visiting,
    Happy Saturday!

  15. Carol,
    Not to worry, stop looking and the chandelier will find you :)

    My best finds are ones that I am not even looking for :)

    Thank you sweet friend for all your visits.
    Are you surviving all our heat!!
    I really want winter now to hurry up:o

    yhank you for visiting stop by anytime I love your good company :)


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