Sunday, August 26, 2012

Close to your heart

Hope you are doing well=0) I have a few lockets to show you. I use to make a lot of lockets. I love that you can keep the ones you love close to your heart. 

La sirena.

 My daughter really loves mermaids. We talk about them all day long. Do they ever cut their hair? Or do they wear makeup and earrings. All very important things to a 3yr old=0)

The Geisha.
 I love her red lips. Can you believe there are only about 1-2,000 Geisha left?
Not many women want the life and restrictions placed upon the Geisha. It is very strict and requires a lot of study and hard work. 

The bee.
 She is coming in for a landing=0) This lavender is just what a bee loves!

The flower.
 I was inspired to paint from flowers in my garden. These flowers colors just POP. The red looks wonderful with all my boxwood.

Hope you are all having a great August. It's been very warm in San Diego, but so far most of my plants are surviving the crazy heat. We have been working in our veggie garden and our watermelons are growing! They look super cute right now. I'll post a picture of them next time. They are the size of apples right now. The kids are so excited about them. How big will they get? That is the question.

Kiss your peeps,

My other job.....
X-When can we go to Disneyland again?
Me-I think when you get your first break from school. It will be in October.
X-Do you think all the halloween decorations will be up?
Me-I hope so! I'm looking forward to eating those barbecue ribs and remember the guy singing with the  guitar?
X-He keeps singing about me and saying "I've been everywhere mannnnn."
Me-That song makes me laugh and how does he remember all those places?
X-It's call memorizing a song MAMA!!! I pretty much have to explain everything to you.

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  1. Dear Carol! Love,love your very beautiful lockets
    Here in Barcelona, we have crazy heat too

    Un beso grande!!


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