Monday, August 20, 2012

Soon enough

My lockets are ready to go! I thought I'd show you them because I didn't get around to pick up chain this weekend. What was I doing that I was not able to take care of this? Shutting down the tea shop! I had such a fun Sunday and knitting ran late...then tea. That kinda ran late too...ooops. Sorry 'bout that. I couldn't help it!!! I promise that soon enough I'll get down to that chain store(YOWZA). Well, I have got to do it by Wednesday...for sure. I promise...totally=0) totally=0)

So here are the Fall lockets. All shiny and dry with their top coating.

Kiss your peeps!

My other job.....
X-Why did you have to knit allllllllllllll day long?
Me-Oh...well...that was only in the morning and during lunch time.
X-Why did you just get home now then? You missed dinner.
Me- Oh...well...I went to tea with friends.
X-Okay, two different things in one day?
X-We went ice skating and the candy factory.
Me-That sounds fun. So, we all had fun=0)
X-Are you hungry? Since you only had tea for dinner.
Me-NO...they bring us so much food and so much tea. Small sandwiches/cakes/scones and different flavors of tea to try. So I'm super full.
X-I wanna go next time!!!

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