Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Where have I been?
Hypnotized by the Olympics!!! I just loved watching so many events and I just couldn't miss the Fab5.
Did you get the Olympic fever? 

I have had a wonderful month!!! One of my favorite people on the planet told me something that made me squeal. It was just the most FAB5 words.
SAY WHA''''''?!!!!
So, I was inspired to make a quick sketch in my sketch book.

I have also been working on my Fall 2012 lockets. They are all dry and I'll be getting them all together this weekend. Okay...I hope I finish(*fingers crossed*). I'm knitting and going to high tea with girlfriends on you never know;oP 

Hope you are having a fabulous week!


My other job.....
X-Did you see me get the medal in karate? I won the gold for karate bowling.
Me-I did!!! We were walking in when you and Drew were doing the sudden death part. So exciting.
X-Did you take pictures?
X-SHOW THEM TO ME NOW!! I have to see my face!

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